Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Sins of Our Fathers !!

Rahm Emmanuel apologized officially to the Arab American Anti-discrimination group for what his father has said. His Father Dr. Benjamin Emmanuel who used to be a member in the Irgun terrorist group made an interview with Israeli Ma’ariv. He answered a question regarding the loyalty of his son who used to serve in IDF towards Israeli in a natural Irgun member way :

"Obviously he’ll influence the President to be pro-Israel. Why wouldn’t he? What is he, an Arab? He’s not going to be mopping floors at the White House."

It is not a surprise to me because I know that for sire Old Emmanuel has his own war crimes record against the Arabs.  As soon as the news has arrived to the States,  the American Arab Anti—Discrimination committee demanded an official apology from Rahm Emmanuel. The Smart new chief of staff at the White House apologized officially and directly to the committee.

The good thing that the Arabs got someone to defend them like this excellent committee in the States , the other good thing is this statement can make many Americans think about the choice of Rahm and his loyalty.Yes his position is not the secretary of State but do not forget my dear reader that Hilary Clinton may be the secretary of State and thus you got big Pro-Israel supporters in the White House known to the world

This is quick apology I think came after knowing the reaction of the Arabs in our part of the world , we were so happy by Obama and the American Embassies around the Arab world were so happy by this because after 8 years people again began to put some hopes on America , but then came Rahm and people began to suspect.

Heikel ,the famous Egyptian Journalist last week spoke in a special program on Al Jazeera and shared with the viewers across the Arab world with Rahm C.V including his father’s glorious past in killing the Palestinians and his own experience in the IDF during the first Gulf war.

Again I am really proud with the AAD Committee, God bless them.

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