Sunday, November 16, 2008

Should I change the posts' font to Calibri ??

To be honest I fall in love of the Calibri font and I am thinking of changing the posts’ font to it  but I can’t do it without thinking of you my dear reader.

Already I tried in couple of posts and I think you have seen it , I want to know what you think in this short poll . Already I am using it here.

I want to change the whole design and to use some of the new features of but to be honest I do not have the time now.


  1. well it looks different in your RSS feed's attractive actually..

    But I have one comment..when you change your template and design...make sure to apply the font to the whole blog..Having a webpage with multiple font-faces isn't a good thing to see...ofcourse there are exceptions (Blog Title & headers maybe)

    Anyhow it's a matter of tastes after all :)

  2. I think you should try out the "Lucida Grande", a friend of mine advised me to use it as it's very comfortable for readers!

    good luck.

  3. It reminds me of business e-mails in my work :(
    It makes my eyes dizzy dunno why, if you are really going to change it to that font then I think you are better to make the font larger.

  4. I prefer Times too!


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