Sunday, November 16, 2008

Suzanne Mubarak does not think we got a sexual harassment problem in Egypt

Suzanne Mubarak in Al Ahram Newspaper said that the Sexual Harassment in Egypt can’t be considered a phenomenon because of couple of incidents !! She accused the media and the radical Islamists of enlarging those incidents !!

I am not surprised from the first lady statement after all she ,her husband and her son believe that everything is fine and great in Egypt so you want to say something is wrong in the country in front of her  !!

My dear friends Mrs. Mubarak does not walk in the streets alone except when they are cleaned from every thing including the humans in the first place so how she would see the sexual harassments incidents ,how she would hear from other women and girls around her about their experiences if they live in an Egypt different than the Egypt we live in !! How she would know if those who around her tell her day and night that everything is fine and great in Egypt.

It is ok that you live in a Palace and you move with bodyguards but do not underestimate that terrible phenomenon when the Western countries warn their females tourists from it , do not underestimate it when your own official state research centers speak about fearful percentages of women who are harassed on a daily basis.

It is so provoking to hear her say such thing when she claims to be a feminist leader who liberated the Egyptian Women in the last 26 years !!

This shows you how she is isolated from the people and their troubles.

But again let’s be realistic She and her family are living in another Egypt than our own Egypt, she is living in a lie and she knows it or may be she got used to that lie that she lost all connections to the real world.


  1. like husband , like wife !

    What about kidnapping her, and releasing her on Eid Adha @ Bahary or Zan2et el Settat ?!!!

  2. I agree with "You"!!

    I think they see another world from their side.

    Maybe Suzanne Mubarak didn't had a sexual harassment attach before. I suggest to her to have a walk around the Egyptians streets and lets see the results if she will change her mind or not!

  3. Well said Zeinobia, it isn't her world. But, her 'de-Nile' reveals a complete disconnect that must be an embarrassment.

  4. Ya zeinoba, could you link to the article if you please. Good posting.


    Thank you

  6. Well Indira Gandhi was the prime minister of India and that never changed the reality of women being harassed on the streets every day either.

    It seems that we need something else -- a bottom-up approach to the problem.

  7. @You , how can you kidnap her in the first place ?? plus she is an old woman !!

    @Hisham , these streets will be cleaned before she walks in them from everything believe me :(

    @Kinzi,this won't embarrass her because it does not reach her
    it will embarrass her only if she finds some foreign reporter abroad asks her a direct question.

    @Marwa , thank you so much :)

    @Pipa , did Indira underestimate or deny there is sexual harassment incident in India ?? Do not compare Indira with Suzanne because there is no way to compare them

  8. @Abu Hamza, unfortunately it was in Al Ahram , they had a very stupid system that I do not understand in posting their urls
    but I will search it for you dear

  9. this is so bad. last time i went to egypt was in 2004 and i was harrassed on 5 different occassion. my best friend went there and wore full hijab and abaya, thinking she was protected, but she was still grabbed on the behind by some man in the market, even though her husband was right next to her.


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