Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Breaking News : The President Pardons a sexual harasser !!??

Please tell me that this is not true.
Still I won’t be surprised because his wife does not think that we got an alarming sexual harassment problem !!
I found out through Jaiku and Youm 7 that according to media lover lawyer Naglaa Emam :
Sherif Gabriel who was convicted in the famous and first sexual harassment case in Egypt, received a presidential pardon in the occasion of the Eid !!?
It is not confirmed yet but I will try to find more reliable sources.
What kind of a social message you sending to the society here ?? To the young men in the streets ?? To harass as they want, yes they may go to jail but the President in feasts will pardon them !!??
Does the President want them to harass women and girls other than to harass his rule !!?
I do not know what to say , I am so angry. Why is he insisting on losing all connections to the people !!??
On the other hand Ayman Nour did not receive the Pardon he deserves for his medical condition and his position and I am not surprised !!??
If he is so kind and believes in giving second chances,why does not he pardon bloggers Mohamed Adel and Mossad Abu El-Fagr along with others “I apologize these two names are in my mind now but I am sure there are others like them who deserve to be pardoned”
Already I do not know why Mohamed Adel was detained in the first place so he could be pardoned !!?
Mubarak pardons a grope !!
I want this holiday to be nice away from all that frustrating news but it seems impossible in this country !!
Updates :
  • I have just known that Nagla Al Emam is a NDP member in the woman's committee in the NDP !!
  • It turned to be a rumor , he is not released but rather Nabieh Al Wahash appealed the court order.


  1. http://globalvoicesonline.org/2008/12/10/fact-or-fiction-egyptian-president-pardons-sexual-harasser/

  2. Thank you dear Marwa :) thank God it turned to be a rumor

  3. It seems that Miss or Mrs. Naglaa is just trying to be on spotlight.
    First by supporting the victim ,then by supporting the criminal and now by spreading rumors.
    She is using the case as much as she can to present herself to the media but I think the result is that she lost the credibility as a lawyer who can't be trusted by any client afterwards.

  4. @M in the bottle , she does not search for clients , she only searches for fame and media just like Nabih El-Wahash


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