Thursday, December 4, 2008

Egyptian dialcet Wikipedia

I am totally against the new Egyptian dialect Wikipedia , now we got our localized version of Wikipedia , we got our own Egyptian dialect Wikipedia and I am sorry to say that it sucks.
Seriously it is ridiculous , I read in it some entries and I was shocked.
Look I do not know why people do not contribute more to the Original Arabic Wikipedia if they can spend hours contributing to the Egyptian dialect Wikipedia.!!??
May be they hate the Arabic grammar rules !!??
Well then I have a nice suggestion , I do not know if it is available or not but we can add spell and grammar checker to Arabic Wikipedia.
I do not know what the next will be ; a PortSaidi or Upper Egyptian dialect Wikipedia !!??


  1. I think you should be careful before you say words like sucks and ridiculous about people's sincere effort. Why do you take issue with it?

  2. You are brainwahsed & not literate enough about languages & language issues nor imperialism.
    Aha, you prefer English to your native speech, or you might have the foreigner-complex. blah blah blah

  3. The idea to write a wikipedia version in a special dialect is nothing new. Other languages have done it long before. So why not egyptain dialect or whatever. If people have fun doing it why not. As I can speak german I thought it was fun to find a wikipedia version in bavarian. And there exist so much dialects. At least it is a contribution to the language and its variety.

  4. It's a great idea to have a "Wikipedia Masry", but using Egyptian dialect is surely not a smart way to do so. Look at the following examples I found on Wiki Masry's homepage:
    يوسف بطرس غالي *بيتوقع* انخفاض في النمو الاقتصادي *بتاع* مصر

    مناقشه طريقة الكتابه فى ويكيبيديا مصرى *دايمان* مفتوحه

    لو دى زيارتك *الأولانيه* للموقع

    النسخه المصريه «ويكيبيديا مصرى» مكتوبه *باللغه المصريه الحديثه*

    Modern Egyptian Language?! Is there such a thing?? We speak Arabic not Egyptian! Isn't it enough that most of us; Egyptians, know nothing about the grammar of our own language?

    Yes to a Wiki Masry, but a big NO to a Wiki Masry in a street language that would do nothing but destroying our Arabic more and more.

  5. I think it's another attempt to assassinate the Great Arabic language. I am ashamed I have to write this in English now, Arabic is one million times more beautiful than English, and just the idea of thinking of Egyptian as it's own language makes me sick.

    to the Reader who said the bavarian is on wikipedia, any well educated German will not only tell you that Deitsch is not only a joke, it's an insult to the formal German language.

    I couldn't agree more with the author , wikipedia masry SUCKS.

    PS if I spend a lot of time making a piece of shit, does this imply people should respect it ?

  6. Who the hell told you that wikipedia-masri aims at destroying any other kind of languages!
    Where do you get that Errorism!

  7. @MuslimHuman: A dialect has never proper grammer rules because it is not supposed to be written. Sometimes even the letters doesn't exist like for the bavarain pronunciation. I am a well educated german by the way...:-) But what most of you forget is that this is the sense of wikipedia: EVERYONE can make an article about EVERYTHING. One can argue now about the advantages and disadvantages about that. But also everyone can contribute to the articles and rewrite them. So go for it.

  8. ًUnfortunately, what is really sickening is how people just turn anything into conspiracy theories. Do you really think Mr. MuslimHuman that a group of people would gather and think 'how to destroy Arabic language?' and then they come up with the idea that they should launch a Masri Wikipedia to achieve this goal? Really?

    Get a life!

  9. I'm amazed from "MuslimHuman" such as you, "Anonymous".
    I wonder why Egypt & Egyptian culture are treated as anti-Islam or anti-Arabic!
    Egyptian media, music, culture, politics.... etc are the most influential for the so called 22-24 Arabic countries, that Egypt created!
    Recognizing the Egyptian language is almost 100 years old, since it's independence.
    But here they come again who hate Egypt, its culture & its great influence, including those mislead who don't understand what does that suppression want.

    (Is this the response for Egyptian culture & influence & protection for other countries?)

    People who are against recognizing the Egyptian language, always have the feeling that the Egyptian language would replace the Arabic language. We don't care if other countries have no influence, we don't care to protect your own cultures if you can't.

  10. @anonymous#1,it is not an issue , it is an opinion,this is my blog and I am entitled to say what ever I want.

    @Someone, I got an Arab blog, already I want to ask you to whom this wikipedia is , the Arabic language used in the original Arabic wikipedia is not that difficult for any reader who can read Arabic , do not agree on that ??
    My dear those who may have benefit from the Masry Wikipedia do not usually go online to search in the Wikipedia.

    @anonymous#2,I understand your point but there is no big difference between the Egyptian dialect and the Arabic language like for instance the Moroccan dialect that deserves a whole standalone Wikipedia

    @HinkwaHank,this is what I felt from reading it , it is so silly to read about politics or religion or history using this kind of language.

    @Muslim Human , no dear it is no a conspiracy,it is simpler than that some people just find it more easier because they hate grammar. Original Arabic is no danger

    @all those who comment after Muslim Human ,please respect his point of view

    @Someone, you are like Muslim human ,already what is the Egyptian language you are speaking about ?? This is a dialect and you know something the Egyptian dialect is from the nearest dialecets to the Arabic of the Holy Quran
    Our language is the Arabic whether you like it or not ,all our culture is written in Arabic from books and Poetry , do you hate Ahmed Shawky and Hafez Ibrahim because they wrote classical Arabic poetry commoners now do not usually understand because they understand more Islam Khalil lyrics !!??
    do you hate Youssef Wahhabi and George Abyed because spoke Arabic in their plays that the Egyptians unfortunately won't understand now and understand instead of it Mohamed Saad's silly films !!

    Ironically we were a miniature of Culture during that time of Renaissances , I got old newspapers from that time and believe the language was easy and understandable despite it was in Arabic I doubt any journalist now can write with it


  12. Nice group anonymous, I hope it will be successful insh Allah

  13. I said it on the group, and I'll say it over here. This is stupid, ridiculous, and a complete nonsense. What do you mean we are taking it too seriously?! It is serious. What do you mean by Masry?! It is implying that there is a Masry language. Instead of trying to unite and revert to our main language, this will only contribute to separate us further apart. Whomever started this should be ashamed of his/herself.

    Whomever is defending this anonymously is most probably one of the cowards working on this ridiculous project and does not even deserve a reply. He/she is just a pawn in the hidden game.

  14. I am supportive for the idea of trying but I am not sure about the implications but lets try
    lets support such new and fresh ideas, its very enriching to our culture scene and it will produce a lot of debates about a lot of important topics which at the end will enrich us all
    we should accept the difference in ideas and also try to embrace it


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