Monday, December 15, 2008

Follow Up: Muntader The New National Hero

Muntader means in Arabic The Awaited or expected one , I think it is more like  Shiite name related to the Shiite belief in the Mahdi. Well it seems that Muntader is the hero that Arab world was really waiting one day to come from nowhere to reflect all its anger in couple of seconds. Just in few second he summarized all the feelings of the Arab people who watched what happened in Iraq and could not express their feelings because of their suppressive regimes.These shoes were a symbol summarizing all our hate and contempt to G.W Bush and his Policies in 8 years.
As I said this historical moment ,Cairo today has nothing to speak about except that Iraqi reporter who threw G.W Bush ,the 43rd president of the United States of America with his shoes. The Young man became a national hero.
In less that 24 hours there are more than 10 facebook groups that support him with a fan page. All Egyptian News night shows kept showing and showing over and over the historical scene. Last night Egyptians slept feeling happy despite the terrible incident in Mania earlier yesterday and the defeat of Al Ahli club last Saturday because of that scene. The SMS are flying through the Arab world making fun 84036644 from Bush and Maliki also starting from the popular SMS in Iraq “We congratulate Mr. Bush and Maliki a pair of shoes “ to Egypt “Zalat Shoe shops congratulates the Iraqi people and has special discounts for the new collection of 2009” to the new role in the White house for the Journalists “Take off your shoes before entering the press conference !!”
Now Muntader is being detained and is said to be sent to trial for insulting the American people !!!!!!! I do not know if he is going to stand in front of an Iraqi or an American court but I know that international human organizations and reporters without borders should stand with him and his family in the same way they stood beside him when he was kidnapped by the militias last year. Muntader according to  his brother was detained by the Iraqi National security and currently he does not know where he is but he fears on his health. Well from the last part of the video I can say that Muntader is being beaten right now in some prison in Iraq :(
Al Maliki is demanding Muntader and his channel “Al Baghdadia” to apologize to Bush and to the American people “Already I see that 84037854 most of the American people welcomed Muntader’s act !!” Some TV channels in Iraq apologized for behalf of Muntader and the Iraqi people !!
Now because there is talk that condemns what Muntader did as unprofessional act from a journalist , well ladies and gentlemen in that particular without previous knowledge of Al Zaidi I know that he did not act as the reporter but rather the Iraqi human being who can’t stand the Genghis Khan of the 20th century who destroyed Baghdad.
Cairo based Al Baghdadia is supporting its reporter fiercely demanding an immediate release to him. El Sadr also demanded his immediate release, I think that they should listen to El Sadr.
Now what I hate in all this is that lawyers team of Saddam said that it would defend him along of many of the nationalists and the Nasserite lawyers who believe Saddam is a hero. I do not know Muntader but I know he may not be a Baathi or Saddam fan but he loves his country.
Please do not associate Saddam with young man ,young rebel.
By the Muntader turned to have an apartment in 6th October governorate and the Iraqi community is so proud there. I think if that young man is freed ,he won’t believe the stardom and love he reached in the Arab world.
Here are a collection of Muntader photos from Al Baghdadia and photos from his so simple apartment in Baghdad from Getty Images. “I see a Che Guevara’s photo is there in his bed , well Che would be so happy” 

  •  There are hundreds of lawyers who are already to defend Muntader.
  • The former coach of the national Iraqi Football team Adnan Hamed wants to buy that pair of shoes for US$ 100,000
  • A Saudi businessman wants to buy that pair of shoes for $10,000,000 
  • Here is more about Muntader from the Huffington Post
  • Pro-regime chairman of the Press syndication in Egypt denounced what Muntader had done describing it as inappropriate act on the national TV then the Press syndication today announced its solidarity with Muntader "I hope that is true"
Updates # 2:
  • I have just read that the Iraqi Channel "Al Sharqiya" has announced that Muntader is in the Camp Copper Prison that is operated by the American forces "aka The Airport prison"
  • He is reported to be in a very bad condition with broken ribs and he can't move his right arm. "Is this the democracy Bush was speaking about !!??"
Updates#3 :

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