Sunday, December 28, 2008

Is this enough??

I am not a MS. "The women branch of the MB"
I am not a Nasserist.
I am not a socialist.
I am not a communist.
I am not a Sadatist.
I am not a liberal.
I am not a conservative.
I am not a pro America supporter.
I am not a pro Iran supporter.
I am not ashamed of being an Egyptian now despite all the blame and hate.
Does this make me less angry for what is happening in Gaza??
Does this make me less than those are angry from what is happening in Gaza right now??
I do not think so, but I hope that others would understand and respect this.
I wish that we stop this treason talk in the time we should not talk in the first place, we should act.
By the way do not expect or demand the Arab people 'not governments' especially the Egyptian people to help the people of Gaza if they can't help themselves, if they can't liberate themselves.I do not know why I remember the historical words of the great hero Ahmed Abd El-Aziz in the Fallouja siege 'The real war is in Egypt'


  1. Can you please explain the "not ashamed of being an Egyptian" part ?

  2. my egyptian friend once said

    لو كنت عايش فينا مكنتش سبت الكلاب تنهش فينا

    he was looking at Nassir pic..allah yer7amo

  3. @Muslim Human , many Egyptian bloggers go and say that they are ashamed and shy of being Egyptian now because of the official position of the Egyptian state.
    I am not ashamed of being Egypt now with all that anger against anger

    @Abed.Hamdan , my dear even if Farouk were alive ,this would not have happened


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