Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Sea Between Us

Only Sea is between Egypt and Greece yet when I see what is happening currently there from a huge public anger over the police shooting death of a teenage boy , I feel that there are oceans between us not only a single sea !!

Man if we were half angry like them , the interior ministry and the regime would think twice before their ill treatment to people.

I mean the Greeks are mad about one teenage while from two weeks ago in successive four days four citizens were killed in Egypt from the Delta to Cairo to Aswan by the Police for no reason and we did not move a muscle ,we only are venting our anger through blogs and Night TV talk shows !!

Only a sea between us !!??

What happened to us !!??

It seems to Athens refused the force of Sparta where as we are still living under the rule of mighty Pharaoh !!

I do not want our people to burn our flag but I want them to stop being scared because in the end we are the real majority !!?? We will not fight the police and the interior ministry but we need them to remember that they are in the service of the people.


  1. Greek people can be ruled by democrat way while Egyptians is not qualified yet for this, don\t you believe me? well, they didn't move a muscle when the cops kill them...

  2. @an Egyptian, they will move a muscle ,they are just like the camel , the question is when the camel becomes angry

  3. I just thought i should leave a comment.
    We as Greeks are always fighting with each other. History has showed that. Athenians vs Spartians, Athenians vs Corinthians, all our history are wars, battles, kingdoms and territories.
    We as Greeks got only one rare but powerful weapon, that all the world is afraid!
    Its called Unity and People have the power to destroy every goverment that doesnt fit to us.
    Killing a child is sick, doesnt matter if we are Christians or Muslims.
    Just the thought of this -it could be anyone's child - gives everyone the creeps.


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