Friday, December 26, 2008

This is so Promising !!

Egypt could lose $6B in foreign revenue ! This is an official statement by an official minister to an official Press Agency in Egypt.

It is expected thing that our foreign revenue will be affected dramatically, in fact if we are not affected then we will be having a dead economy.
Again look to two sources from our main sources of income :

  • Suez Canal : Without piracy ,the trade movement will be less than before the financial crisis not to mention the Israeli project of the so-called “Two seas” Canal.
  • Tourism : Tourism rates will decline , who will visit Egypt in this terrible recession knocking on the door !!??

Already we export Oil and gas in cheap prices more than the average, your proof is the price Israeli is paying to us for the gas !!

Another thing the money the Egyptian expats transfer to Egypt will decrease.

The government knows this very well and they know that it is going to be very bad for them before us thanks to their terrible economic policies.I am waiting for the government’s new policies to cope with the crisis.

This is so promising in 2009.

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