Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good timing but bad choice for a TV channel

President Obama has not wasted any time and is trying hardly to restore the relations with the Islamic and Arab world. It is enough that his first formal television interview as a president was with an Arab network directed to the Arab and Muslim world "Mainly Arab world to be accurate"
I like what he said ,it was moderate and respectable.
He chose an excellent timing to show that he is serious in mending the relations but the choice of the channel was bad one in my point of view.
president Obama's first interview in an Arab network was with Al Arabiya Channel
I expressed my views regarding Al Arabiya before but this time I will say something , if the American administration wants to deliver a direct powerful message to the Muslim and Arab population ,it should not have chosen a channel that is perceived by most of the Arab viewers as a Pro-American channel.
Al Arabiya despite what they are claimed are highly criticized for being biased to the American administration and its allies in the region.
The American administration should have chosen either BBC Arabic "couple of other benefits" or Al Jazeera "of course Al Jazeera can be a controversial choice"
I prefer BBC Arabic despite it is not originally an Arabic network but if Obama wants to send a message to the Muslim world regarding Peace, mutual relations and Iran ,what would be better than BBC Arabic and its newly young sister BBC Farsi !!?
Anyhow It is a scoop for Al Arabiya , yet I doubt it will make me watch them as I watch BBC Arabic or Al Jazeera "despite the later attack on Egypt"
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