Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Follow Up : For Gaza

It seems that the Honeymoon is over , Obama is the president ,he spoke to the people of the Mideast and the Islamic world and so Israel will launch another round against the people of Gaza , of course it won’t be like the first one. There are warnings here and there saying it will be more than one raid and the UN is still keeping that refugee camp in Rafah just in Case.

I want to say that I am so proud with our doctors who crossed the borders to help the Palestinian injured and God knows how many they are. I want to thank Dr. Mohamed Ghonam because he was our best Ambassador in this crisis.

As much as I feel that my country Egypt thanks to its regime did not stand with Gaza this time as it should ,officially I am so happy with how the world is standing with Gaza. I am so proud and happy with what is happening in UK ,who could believe all that public anger happens in UK !!

In Scotland the angry protesters occupied the HQ of BBC in Scotland ,objecting the network refusal to broadcast the SOS relief Call to Gaza. TO be honest I do not understand how the BBC will lose its objectivity if it airs this relief call !! For God sake their reporters were the best witnesses on how this city is suffering , their reporters were witnesses on the war crimes against women and children in Gaza, I do not get it !!

I would like you to watch Tony Benn criticizing the BBC in the BBC itself. " To be honest I respect that no one interpreted him nor the program was cut while he announced the appeal of Gaza"

I won’t comment on Sky News because it is not about solidarity with the BBC in my opinion but it is rather the administration of the channel that owns Sky News in UK and Fox News in USA !!

Even the sport stars protested for Gaza and some even demanded that Israel would be sacked out of the European cup “check the comments from the Guardian ,well I do not know why they play in the European Cup and they are in Asia to be honest,may be it is because its Arab neighbours”

Speaking about the Guardian ,I respect their coverage from the first day , some of course will consider it bias but it was objective in showing the truth.

BY the way Youssef Islam aka Cat Stevens will dedicate a single to the Children of Gaza , get ready to download it insh Allah in iTunes and Amazon.com when it is released.

It seems that there are serious steps whether Officially “Amr Moussa” or unofficially “the Arab NGOs” in suing the IDF for committing war crimes against civilians in Gaza , there are much proof in Gaza this time and it is well documented.

Of course Olmert understands that this time his fighters can face a lot of trouble if they are accused by war crimes and thus he vowed to protect his fighters with state protection !! The Israeli regime is officially protecting its war criminals !!??? Well Nazis would have done the same , in fact they had done it , they considered their war criminals as war heroes !!

I am so amazed by Olmert , did not he wipe for the story of the doctor whose family was killed by the IDF murder mad machine !!??

In the end I just want to thank all those in the west who stood and are still standing beside Gaza in this crisis , believe me it means so much to us in the Arab world , for the first time we believe that we are not third degree citizens in the world and our voices are heard even if the leaders of the world do not hear it.


  1. I am glad to be from the uk when at a time the Israelis were always kept on a pedestal by the west they are finally being brought down to their knees (well slowly anyway) - I have attended the weekly demonstrations in london and have joined many pro gaza campaigns. My university has passed a motion whereby they are in full support of gaza and want to campaign for their rights publicly through out the campus.

    I have been reading your blog and would like to say keep up the good work, you have some good stuff here!

    Na3ima Adan
    London, UK

  2. @Na3ima, I do not know how to thank you and thank all those in UK who stood and are still standing with Palestine.
    God Bless You all :)
    and thank you again for nice words about my blog


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