Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Meet Samar

Samar is just like Gamila , Halima and Loaui , She is a Palestinian girl from Gaza . She is 2 years old. According to the BBC report she is in Al Arish hospital

Samar and here family were shot down in a war crime.

They were civilians mainly women and children“ Samar’s mom, grand mom and her other two sisters” rising  white flags and yet they were shot directly by Israeli soldier. Her two sisters were killed and grand ma was badly injured. Samar was lucky enough to survive the mini carnage , she took a bolt that damaged her spinal cord :(

Samar may not walk again

She does not understand this yet , because if she understood she may not smile this beautiful smile with hope in her eyes full of joy. She does not understand and thank God she does not understand,may be that will help her to coup with her pain. 

If this is not a war crime , I do not know what a war crime can be !!??

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