Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Did not they say it was a red line ??

Did not Mubarak and his FM make it clear to us and to the world publicly that our national security represented in our borders and territories including the sea is a red line not to be crossed and that we are not obliged by the the security agreement between the United States and Israel ??

Then what is this crap I read earlier this morning !!??It happened in our territorial water !!?? and they asked Egypt to conduct another search once the ship is in Port Said !!??

Is not this an attack on our sovereignty ??

Does not this contradict this news ??

I do not understand ,the Americans are welcomed to mess in our territories where as the Europeans are not welcomed !! I am kind of lost here !!

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  1. Let me help you find your way although usually you are pretty quick.

    Americans pay Egypt huge lump sums of foreign aid. Egypt gets the most after Israel. They own your country and your waters honey bun.


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