Egyptian Chronicles: Our lost sovereignty

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our lost sovereignty

Again the IAF enters our skies and it seems to me that this time  it was not a mistake. 2 IAF airfighters have entered our skies today’s morning

Ashraf Al Anay witnessed the close encounter from the 3rd kind in the Sheikh Zowaid @ Al Arish , yes Sheikh Zowaid which is 15 KM away from the borders. Dear Ashraf filmed the traces of the air fighters

FYI Sheikh Zowaid according to the Camp David Accords is from the C Zone where flying is restricted even for the Egyptian side.

So technically the IAF broke the international laws and Camp David Accords too !! I do not know why we do not break the Camp David Accords too !!??

Or May be for the Israelis the Camp David Accords were for 20 years only and they have not renewed with us and thus they are free to do what ever they want ??

It will be great actually because then we will be able to send our army to Sinai in the same way !!??

From two days ago an Egyptian citizen was killed by the Israeli fire near the borders .

May be Israel will apologize but it will be useless they will do it over and over again because simply they do not respect the Egyptian regime and believe it will do nothing in the end of the day!!

No one can ignore or deny this fact we are losing more sovereignty day by day , in fact now I remember that in last Ramadan a group of Pathetic African rebels hijacked Egyptians and tourists from our land ,from our territories so why I am angry that  the IAF made shows in our skies !!

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  1. تعرفي يا زينب ايه اللي استفزني - القصة مش قصة خرق للمجال الجوي - اللي استفزني أكتر انهم كانوا بيستعرضوا

  2. والله يا أشرف العيب مش فيهم العيب فى نظام المبجل :(


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