Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A great achievement !!

Ahmed Abu El-Gait is proving that he is one of a kind of minister,I do not know how we can call him diplomat.
Last night on the National TV "Ch1"* Cairo Today show on Orbit network he admitted that Egypt was behind the failure of the Gaza summit at Doha !!
Of course we all know that Egyptian regime worked so hard to the last 24 hours before the summit to sabotage it and we know that Mubarak visited Saudi Arabia suddenly to have a strong backup from the KSA but to say this directly on TV !!??
Abu El-Gait said that Egypt made the summit fail to save the unity of the Arab unity !!?? I do not know if that was a joke or what because the main result of the Kuwait summit is that we became more divided than before. This is the Kuwait economic summit Mubarak's regime supported.
The minister should not be proud by his achievement. He should not open his mouth when the American navy search ships in our territorial waters and the IAF comes and goes as it wants 
Any good diplomat won't announce this huge achievement because he believes in the end sooner or later our relations with the rest of the Arab countries will return back , in fact this is what he should do.
Saying these statements and doing these actions do not prove that we are strong or influential in the region, these are not the action of a leader but rather a bully !!
Of course I did not mention the part regarding Amr Moussa  and I do not want to !!
This is not the act of a diplomat but rather a bully "I will repeat it again"
 * I am sorry for the mistake above I wrote this post in the early morning as soon as I read what he said not, did not pay attention on which channel the interview was , strangely I though that he made an interview with Lamis El-Hadidy ,the wife of Amr Adib ,the TV host of Cairo Today Show !!
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  1. I love your fight and I support it.

    Here is an information about a blog in the US from a jewish person who is against the action of Israël, a guy who wants to help promote the idea of a free Palestine.

    Israel’s True Intent for Palestinians
    The zionists have seen how the world reacted the first time and have ensured no news goes out this time.
    If you have your own sites, blogs, etc. please post about this every day and leave a comment on my site so I can go and promote your post.

    So as you can see there are numerous people from everywhere who support the Palestinians.

    Good luck and keep up the good work ! tks.

  2. thank You Clusia twice : for your support and for the link you posted.
    I think and believe that the Zionists controlled the media for so long now and enough is enough
    thank you again


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