Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Meanwhile in Egypt

I did not forget about what is going on in Egypt all that time. Here is some summary for things that caught my eyes other than Gaza in the last couple of weeks

General good and bad news :

Bad Economy :

  • There is a recession as if you do not know.
  • The prices are going down yet the people do not buy , they are waiting.
  • Famous DAMAC is suffering from bad economic situation whether in UAE or in Egypt that the governor of the CBE demanded its financial files. I notice that Al Fagr newspaper is exposing them lately. It published for several weeks their clients complaints.
  • There is a shortage in gas cylinders in Egypt and people are dying because of that shortage where as we export gas to Israel !! Already these cylinders should not be used anymore,they are like atomic bombs in the homes !!
  • There is lot of actions from protests to sit ins in the public factories because of privatization.

The crimes and trials of last year :

  • The Suzanne Tamim trial “do you still remember it ??” was adjourned to next month ,I think February 14th or 18th. The judge called the chief of police in Dubai as a witness !!
  • The 6th October crime will have a new chapter of mystery and suspense as the trial starts soon. Already last week almost all the newspapers published the investigations of the D.A and also the forensics reports . Strangely the official newspapers said that all the evidences including the forensics reports proved the guilt of Mahmoud ,the accused where as in the independent and opposition newspapers said the opposite !!

The Crimes and Trials of this year :

We have just started the new year and the crimes started to pour , strange crimes by all means in less than one month

  • A gang of Turkish Women over the 40 years old was arrested in Cairo , they are specialized in burglary !! Yes they used to steal Jewelry from Egypt and sell them later in Turkey . Believe it or not it seems that they got millions from this !! I Strangely those women originally came to Egypt for prostitution despite in the police mug shots they look so ugly !!! Turkish gang , this is what we got from watching Mohand !!!! I told you that the Turks coming over and over !!
  • The arrest of a gang that smuggles babies !! oh yes babies trafficking,they sell babies to women in the United States and Canada, it is kind of a big scandal because it turned out that a charity group and an orphanage were involved in the crime. The American Embassy was the one that discovered the skimp. Every day new facts are revealed.
  • The El-Nozha massacre; the first family massacre happens because of the economic crisis in Egypt , a father kills all his family  while their sleep “his wife , daughter and son” with an axe then he tried to kill himself.His brother in all came to find this massacre in the morning. He was saved and currently he is in the hospital in a very condition. This crime is the talk of the town , I will speak about it later insh Allah.
  • The murder of Rafaat El-Said brother in Alexandria.

Sports News :

  • Al Ahly lost and was out from Egypt’s cup again !!
  • The Ultars in Egypt are now the new villains of the National security. They also deserve another separated post.

Of course there were other issues but these were the issues that caught my eyes beside the holocaust taking place in Gaza.

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  1. You crammed all of this into 1 crappy little post. I have to find another Egyptian blog to read because yours got hijacked by Gaza and then you only update it with one liners.


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