Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not Again for God Sake !!

Some Egyptians feel that Egypt or rather the Egyptian regime and Mubarak are reliving again the post camp David hate campaign against Egypt and President Anwar Al Sadat.

President Al Sadat paid his life officially because Camp David. The so-called Islamist groups considered him an infidel that deserved to die for making Peace with the Zionists. There were fatwas from here and there then that called for his assassination.

I do not know why I remember this when I read about what Islamic Egyptian preacher Wagdy Ghonam said on Al Aqsa TV channel. He apparently said that the Egyptian regime was an apostate and a traitor !!

The traitor part is not new in fact it is very old and it was repeated over and over in the media in the last crisis but apostate !!???

Already the Egyptian regime is not one person and even if it were one person we should not say not that he is apostate or not because faith is in the heart , this is an A,B,C matter I think.

I do not like this statement at all but it is not a big surprise from Ghonam because he is famous from his firing statements and he has his legal problems in the United States and Kuwait because of these statements.

Still I do not know if he understands the implications of this statement . It is easy thing to speak.

Already I am sure if he said that statement ,he would pay a huge price for it, he may not enter Egypt again.

I refuse these statements anyhow regardless of my opposition to Mubarak and his regime, I do not want the Sadat scenario to happen again.


  1. I certainly consider him a traitor and a monster but wholly against calling anyone who proclaims to be a muslim as an apostate. It is not our place as we are neither prophets nor do we have a direct line to God, and only HE can say who is an apostate.

    However, one can say that he behaved in a manner contrary that expected of one who claims to be muslim... and we can hope he rots in hell.

  2. @loolt,it is a sad thing that he reaches to this level. Already I do not think that he acted badly in this crisis only. Mubarak unfortunately gave up too much in front of the American and Israeli pressures to the level that he is in deep trouble and he can't come out from it easily.
    we can hope and wish as we want but we should not be judgmental and play the role of God


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