Thursday, January 22, 2009

What will be the Egyptian Foreign Ministry comment on this ??

This is from Malaysia and this is from the Malaysian Ambassador in Cairo :  The New Straits Times Online......

For honesty the delay is not only because of Egypt but rather because of Israel that controls the other part of the crossings and this is according to the victims themselves. Of course if we tried to make this fact clear to the world instead of blaming our brothers ,it would be great and we would not find the Malays attack us indirectly like that !!

We failed in the international public opinion test I am afraid.And guess what we do not have that PR machine Israel owns to enhance our image !!

Our real actions are the only way to enhance our image and I am afraid in Malaysia they do not know what we present to the Palestinian cause from sacrifices since 1948 . Malaysia is neither a member in our moderate allies countries club  nor in the Iranian allies countries club. We do not think on the long term nor outside our regional borders.

Already I got a suggestion , why not to set a military hospital in Rafah beside that refugees camp there with the help of the Arab countries and the UN !!?? We can do this and save our dignity from this criticism.


  1. What we present to the Palestinian cause from sacrifices since 1948 . it was not only for the Palestinian cause but it was first for Egypt too.
    simply if we neglected the border case of palatine and how its so important for the security of Egypt it will be " Disaster " and the worst is yet to come because we didn't pay such great help or trying to show serious assistance to Gaza for so many years ,beside
    the cool condition of our military regime and the absence of the role of Egypt's leadership are clear enough why Egypt does care about saving our dignity from this crises or not . God bless you !!

  2. Even if Egypt's regime has some defects but we as Egyptians should know better what should be done. Why should we always be the sacrificers of the Arab world why should we leave our boarders open while the Palestinian leaders themselves do not care about their own people. They are fighting amongst themselves and leaving the real enemy Israel to kill the innocent.
    Before blaming Egypt,the world should blame the Palestinians who dragged their people to this masacre and instead of being unified they shifted the war with Israel to be between themselves.

  3. @anonymous, this is what we all should understand Gaza is not an Arab or Islamic or humanitarian matter but it is rather of a national security matter in the first degree , I do not know about our dignity in this crisis, I feel we are losing more every day than before.

    @anonymous#2, well I am afraid that it is not that simple after all it is a matter of national security
    the world does not look from this angle , after all there are children dying and need to be transferred to better medical facilities , I do not think we should leave them because the Palestinian factions do not agree on anything


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