Thursday, January 22, 2009


Meet Louai . Louai is like Gamila , a victim of the Israeli barbaric murder machine.He is 8 years old. Again He is just like Gamila ; a victim of incendiary weapons. It is not the DIME this time like Gamila nor it is the White phosphorus but new unknown weapon according to doctors

Louai lost his sight and he is now in Saudi Arabia receiving treatment , the rest of his body is still suffering from terrible burns. Louai has lost most of his family members in the bombing of his house still he was so polite and calm when he spoke in TV, I can’t forget how he said “Thank you” to Al Jazeera reporter, it killed me. His voice was weak and childish. This is too much.I do not complain but I want to ask the Israeli parents if their son in Louai’s place , would not they fight back those who caused to suffer like this ??
Here is a video clip for him when he came to Cairo before his transfer.The boy did not speak but thank God he looked better than those shots.

Now it became an official fact  that Israel is using White Phosphorus after all it used against UN targets. Still well the world is going to do something for real.
I think this time Israel may not get away with the use of incendiary weapons against civilians , there are photos and of course there are victims and traces of bombs. It may not get away with it in front of the international public opinion.It will be hard for their PR machine to clear their image after targeting the UN schools and hospitals by white phosphorus bombs.
I think we have a good opportunity to expose the ugly face of the IDF internationally. Amnesty international already issued a very important Press release on the 19th of January 2009 declaring officially that “ Israel used white phosphorus in Gaza civilian areas”.Amnesty  international also spoke to the survivors of Gaza inside the sector. 
More about Amnesty international accusation is here in BBC News
The amnesty international is better that the IRCR whose representatives said that they did not find any evidence that Israel did something illegal !! “excuse me what about these photos !!” of course the international organization later had to declare that it would review of Israel use of white phosphorus in Gaza .
Regarding the DIME well you have to know that the DIME does not cause very bad deadly injuries also but its smoke causes lung cancer , oh yes the IDF is killing the Palestinians on the long rang , by slow motion, so expect that future deaths from lung cancer in the sector .
I do not blame Israel as much I blame those countries that sold those weapon to it or manufactured these weapons in the first place !!
Israel in front of this huge attack on the massive use of incendiary weapons against civilians justified its actions saying that it was not the only country that use incendiary weapons , you got Europe and USA !!
Dear Rafah Kid published a very powerful post on the 18th of January 2009 about 15 years old Ayman of Khuza neighbourhood . I wish that you read it and spread it. Again here is the flickr account of Rafah Kid ,please spread it and publish the photos everywhere , they are strong evidence.
Rafah Kid also published two photos for Israeli missiles believed to contain WP

This use of incendiary weapons must be stopped and those generals and officers in the IDF must be sued as war criminals , Louai won’t see again but at ;east we should work in a way or another to save other children all over the world from this fate.
  • The IDF says that it would investigate WP so-called claims !!?? Claims ?? what about the photos !!??
  • This update is about Loaui , I read today that doctors after three weeks insh Allah will replace his eyes with artificial eyes " Ocular Prosthesis" , they could not save his eyes at all.
  • Here is the original Al Jazeera interview with Loaui , it will break your heart just like my heart
    And You do not want me to hysterical after watching this video !! I won't be a human being if I did not attack the IDF. Please do not say that Israel did not use incendiary weapons against civilians because here is your living proof, this kid is your proof. 
Update#4 : 
 I added Gamila's interview to her post ,please watch this sweet girl that has not lose her smile ,hope and faith.
Sameh from Gaza ,the untold story blog met Loaui before he was transferred to Egypt and from it to KSA and he was so moved by him .Louai believed that he would see again :(
"I hope you visit me again and you will go with me to take footage and photos of the place where the car was hit. I will also make a scene for you about how I flew. But I need you to help me recover quickly so I can go to school again and play with some of my friends. I don't know if they are alive or not."


  1. Israel will never be punished for any acts they commit. They think because of the Holocaust, they have the "right" to do anything they want, and no one is going to cross them!

  2. we have try ,they can't use the Holocaust forever especially they re-committing the same crimes of Nazis.
    We have try , at least we can try ,it is better than giving up so easily


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