Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bad day for Blogging in Egypt

I spoke before about the Egyptian citizen Journalism blog from Port Said “El Hakika”. Its owner and blogger Tamer Mabrook was facing the first civil lawsuit against a blogger for defaming a corporation.

Last Year Tamer published a report with photos as evidence on how “Trust Chemical Industries” Company was polluting the Lake Manzala with its chemical wastes from their factory. Mabrook also covered the news of their workers’ strike. “TCI” sued Tamer in a lawsuit that was considered the first of its kind in the Egyptian court.

The company won the case and Mabrook has to pay L.E 2500 as a fine and L.E 40,000 compensation to the company !!

I feel sad because there were photos enough to open an investigation about the company and its environmental practices. Lake Manzala is from the most important salt lakes in Egypt. Thousands consider this lake as a source of living from fishing . Instead of supporting Tamer ,we stand beside those who destroy our environment :(

“Trust Chemical Industries” company was acquired by the Indian Sanmar group in 2007 by the way.

“TCI” won’t be the first pollutant factory that wins its battle against the people , we got other factories in Shobra El-Khaima and Kafr El-Sheikh and we are just giving up the struggle !!

Sometimes I believe that we can not have our own Egyptian Erin Brockovich !! yes I am kind of romantic person who do not lose hope !!


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  2. Dear Dorothea,
    thank you so much for telling me
    I am very happy that you told me :)


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