Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Breaking News : Ayman Nour on TV

It is first his interview after the release , just after few hours of his release Ayman Nour appeared on Dream TV 2 with Mona Al Shazely.”This post will be updated”

Here are some quick points :

  • Nour looks very thin.
  • Wearing the tie with the color of his party : Orange
  • Nour is still speaking in balanced way , he is so calm , even Mona asked him about this
  • He is confident
  • Nour considered this decision a late one,that should be taken from 4 years.
  • He considered it as good experience ,made him close to God
  • A New birth for the Gad party
  • Not even six second will make him not to practice politics
  • He is not the head of the El Gad party, he is the leader only but officially he resigned from the position of the party’s head
  • He did not make any deal ,already he was going to be released in next July 2009 “Mubarak visit is in March 2009”
  • It is not good to say that Al Sadat visited him in his dream.I see Kamal in Rosa Al Youssef and Ibrahim in Al Gomhouria mocking it
  • I think he was referring to Mustafa Bakery as the journalist he referred to anonymously
  • To the Egyptian regime : The inner front needs a reconciliation ,just like what the Egyptian regime does abroad between the Palestinians
  • He spoke about his letter to Obama defending himself. He was expressing his opinion and does not regret it.
  • He believes that there was not a pressure from the States because it is too late,why suddenly the States remembered him now. This is what he thinks of course.
  • Insh Allah I will post the video so soon ;)


  1. i watched it, and i can tell that Nour is careful of what he tells.

    Mubarak was stupid to jail him(made him a hero) and Obama is stupid to release him(making him an American Agent), now Nour can kiss the presidency on 2011 good bye.

  2. Bastawisi, there wont be any candidates running in the 2011 presidency except for Gamal Mubarak. As a culture that strongly believes in fate and destiny, Egyptians should accept their destiny instead of escaping it.

  3. @Bastawisis, of course he is careful. Already I do not know what to say regarding the American agent charge, already he was accused by being an American agent even before his arrest since G.W Bush , nothing new
    Nour can't kiss the Presidency on 2011 good bye because contrary to what you think his prison gave lots of popularity among the Egyptian people. Nour is a lawyer and is insisting to sue the state to get back his rights

    @Banoota, why we should accept it !!?? why can't we try to change it


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