Wednesday, February 18, 2009

He is a free man again !!

This is the news of the day , sorry the week or rather the month.
Ayman Nour is free man again. The general prosecutor has orderayman-nour-1ed the release of Ayman Nour for health reasons.
I am so happy, thank God ,this came out from prison alive :).
It seems that Mubarak really wants to meet Obama and it seems that Obama and his administration won’t give up the reforms condition.  The Washington Post was speaking from two days ago that Mubarak wanted to meet with Obama in the first 100 days and the White House put some conditions : The Release of Ayman Nour and the Return of Saad El-Din Ibrahim.
Here is the first condition fulfilled but what about Ibrahim !!?? We Shall see ;)
Nour is free again and he is in home now.He spoke to the BBC and probably now there is hundreds of reporters from around the globe want to talk him.
To tell you the truth I did not believe that he was going to be released but there was one single move I should have paid more attention to : When his front took control of the Gad party again. I should have known better that there was some kind of changes coming on the way.
I am really happy despite I am not a member in his party or a supporter but I am so happy.
Everybody is Happy ,even my grand ma is happy , she thanked God. 
Ayman Nour is free again and what is better than that is he said that he will continue his political career again ;)
Updates :
1// Oddly enough Al Jazeera news ticker does not contain the news of the day !!!!!!! I will wait for the 8 PM news then
2// According to the Political rights law , Nour can't engage in the Political activity except after 5 years , may be in his case it will more than less ,after all he said to the BBC that he did not give any word whether oral or written regarding quitting the Political scene even temporarily
3// This is the main news in the Egyptian websites , blogs,twitters and Jaikus
4// Most if not all the people knows that this is the price Mubarak paid to meet Obama.
 Update #2 
1// Ayman Nour is going to speak tonight with Mona Al Shazley on Dream TV 2 'Nile Sat' !!
2// Ironically enough Gamal Mubarak is going to speak tonight also on Ch.1 on the National TV , you do not need to guess which channel I am going to watch insh Allah ;)
Update # 3
1// Ayman Nour is on TV now.
2// Here is an earlier statement for Nour after his release
My release is a pure Egyptian decision
I do not think that he would say other than that

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  1. Nour was unlucky enough to get obama president in only the last year of the four he should does in jail.


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