Saturday, February 7, 2009

The day is over but the action is not over

Today was busy action day of protests in Egypt. First we got the weekly stand of the MB that usually cracked by the security forces. Second we got the major main event of the day in solidarity with Gaza.
A group of activists , famous activists to be accurate including  famous bloggers and reporters formed a today a march under the name “To Gaza”.

Again the security cracked down the march , abducted the activists and also the foreign reporters taking them to ride around Cairo then leaving them either in the desert or at the police stations. Now it is about 1 AM CLT, most of the activists are released but some are missing. Malek and Arabawy were live blogging through Jaiku through the mobile phones.

To be honest it became boring , protests and marches happen in every place in the world ,  Should it be a pro-Mubarak and Pro-NPD march so it would be allowed !!??


  1. The sadness in GAZA goes on! Follow the link below:

  2. The rejime follows the instructions of Israel and USA.beside they care about their warm no wonde if the police cracked down the GAZA march.....

  3. @Misrscribe,
    the sadness will continue as long as there is a siege
    @anonymous,of course it is no wonder at all


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