Saturday, February 7, 2009


Mr. Zachariah Mohi El-Din , the famous free officer is considered as the God father of the Egyptian General intelligence. This man founded the General intelligence in 1955. He played a very important in our politics in 1950s and in 1960s. I need a series of posts to speak Mr.Zachariah about the only surviving Free officer who refuse to speak or even write his memories up till now.

You only have to know Mr. Zachariah who was a minister too in Nasser era in different cabinets , was always expected to be the President sooner or later after President Nasser.

Mr. Zachariah was also the Americans’ friend in Nasser regime,after all it is well known that the CIA helped in founding  the Egyptian intelligence.

Zachariah was the friend of Nasser whom he stayed with long enough than other free officers.

Mr. Zachariah was too close from becoming the President of the UAR after the six days defeat yet it turned out a smart wicked game to get rid from him along with Abdel Hakim Amar I think, after all the public during that time would not have accepted an American friendly president in the place of Nasser regardless of what you think now. Some people believe that Nasser intentionally burned Zachariah when he announced his resignation on the 9th of June 1967.Nasser announced that Zachariah was appointed as a President , but the later refused the position , he knew the trap.

Mr. Zachariah was popular in the intelligence and in other places he served in. Unlike the free officers he was a private person and his family was respected.

In 1968 he surprised everybody when he resigned from all his official positions and quit public life . It was for real. The man started his poultry farms and since then he was rarely seen in any public event.

His only public appearance for him recently was on the 23rd of July 2002 when Mubarak honoured him as a free officer in the jubilee of the revolution  

Does this sound familiar ?? Does not this ring a bell ??

It is a strange coincidence because also General Omar Soliman , the head of the general intelligence and the current minister of National security seems to share some of the main characters of Mr. Images_News_2008_may_11_p20_200705_300_0 Zachariah.

General Omar Soliman is popular in the intelligence and the army not to mention in public life is widely respected

Soliman is the Americans’ friend and he is considered a powerful candidate to Presidency after Mubarak.

Soliman has two advantages Zachariah did not enjoy : He does not have obvious competitors except Gamal Mubarak where as Zachariah had Abdel Hakim Amar,Amar was much more dangerous than Gamal because the army was in his side  also Zachariah was not popular like Soliman in the army today , Amar was the star as he used to pamper the army.

There is another point of difference I do not know if I can consider it as advantage or what : There is a great interest or rather fascination in Israel by Omar Soliman.

The press in Israel speaks about him frequently. His profiles are over and over published in the Israeli press where as he has never given a statement to the Egyptian Press. All what is published about in the Egyptian Non official Press is from the foreign press.

Despite his Israeli–American Relations Soliman maintains some good relations with Hamas , up till now he managed to get them to the negotiations table regardless of the official media campaign in Egypt against them.

Inside and Outside Egypt people are saying that it is either Gamal Mubarak or Omar Soliman to rule after Mubarak . I do not know about Gamal despite my feeling that he will not be the President insh Allah except in his dreams.

But regarding Omar , Well Omar is like Zachariah I am afraid , He saved Mubarak’s life and became his friend but he may not rule Egypt even if he wants too because he is burned in the same way like Zachariah.


  1. Thank you for your feeling that Gamal will not be the next president Inshalla.....
    Iam afraid that some dreams may come true.....
    And it will be definitely disasters .........

  2. yes the dreams of some are the nightmares of others !! Still insh Allah he won't based on the history of the country , all those who seek their country's rule may not get in the end

  3. I am sure he is much better than GM..


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