Egyptian Chronicles: Nadya Suleman , the other face of Arab Americans

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nadya Suleman , the other face of Arab Americans

Thank God that Nadya Suleman is not a proud of her Arab Iraqi roots , seriously we are suffering enough so Octomom will come and add her tough !!

This woman is unstable ,seriously unstable I feel so sorry for her parents and her poor children who are victims to her wish to become famous and recognized in the society. She is so provoking ,unstable and selfish.

To see how much selfish she is , I recommend you to see this exclusive interview of Nadya with Jimmy Kimmel ,it is a must.

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  1. I agree, she is stupid and delusional, what add more to this statement is the fact she is single. One can’t imagine any positive angle to what is in this girl’s head. Having said that, one can also wonder how the concept of 14 kids in one family wasn’t that rare in the past generations. The most famous one comes to my attention is Celine Dion the famous Canadian/International Singer, she was one of 14 kids (same father and mother), poor but happy and of very positive upbringing. I am sure in Egypt one can find similar stories in the twenties, and thirties. The question is how did they do it? With limited supporting tools, and overall resources?

  2. While it is commendable that you write your blog in English when your native tongue is Arabic. I want to recommend, and I do this with nothing but good intentions and kindness, that you take a few English grammar courses. It is always good to seek knowledge and improve oneself. I hope you find some time to do so, because once you do, your blog will be so much easier & better to read.

  3. @anonymus#1, you are right my grand ma "from my father's side" had 6 children , I think during that time women were much more stronger plus they were not working , they were 24 hours house wives, in Egypt sometimes some families have many children for different reason I believe , for instance may be it is rich family and having lots of children gives it some sort of status, may be the father wants a boy or sometimes he wants a girl after a number of boys , for the poor having more children means more economic sources to the family ..etc

    @anonymous#2, thank you for your suggestion , I will consider insh Allah for the future

    @vagabond, yeah it is ,I really like it

  4. Oh Man! It's disgusting how some people in their searching for lights commit stupid things! I felt sorrow for her too!


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