Saturday, February 21, 2009

The National Student Day of Egypt 2009

We all expected that it was going to tough and rough , the regime in Egypt refuses any kind of similar gatherings or stands or protests in the Universities, the kind of gatherings allowed I am afraid are the ones that with the regime or tackle something not related to the regime for instance like the Palestine or Iraq solidarity protests.

Anyhow back today, several students groups in the Cairo university decided to protest today on the occasion of the National day, most of these groups are political groups from the Faculty of Commerce.Among those groups are the 6th April Youth, the MB ,Kafya, the Nasserists,the socialists and the newly group “My right” . “My right” I believe is heading the movement in the University today more than any other group.

“My right” movement defines itself in its official blog as independent movement that is not associated with any political force that cares for the University students’ rights and opinions.

“My right” today demands certain rights :

  • To reduce the fees of the university.
  • To kick out the University guard from the campus. “The guards are back with a bad court order :(“

The professors and teachers movement in the university aka “9 March” support today’s stand and protests. It is not surprising to me ,in fact it is something normal.

The university since the early morning is  surrounded not less than 60 anti riots vehicles and about 300 anti-riots forces soldiers with their arms. The students at the faculty of Commerce gate were inspected for banners. The under covered detectives were all over the campus with the camera mobile phones to take shots for the activist students , it seems that there is a new generation the University Security and the state security behind it does not know anything about.The famous political activist students were not allowed today in the University based on orders given from yesterday.

TO follow the updates of today , I recommend you to read Arabawy’s del.ici.ous links.

Also here are photos from the protests from Per Bjorklund ,Sarah Carr and and Ahmed Abdel Fatah respectively

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