Saturday, February 21, 2009

The National student day in Egypt

First of all you I would like to correct something. Today the 21st of February marks the National student day in Egypt but not the international student day as it was announced. The international student day is on the 17th of November.

The National student day in Egypt marks the terrible  Abbas bridge incident where the British troops along with at that time the Egyptian police attacked hundreds of angry Cairo university and high school students. The students were on their way to present a memo to the king demanding the cancellation of 1936 Egyptian-Anglo treaty. The Abbas bridge was a moveable one and in those old days ,it used to be opened so boats and barrages pass by.Most of the Students were on the Abbas bridge when the British forces had opened it,hundreds fell in to the Nile. Many of them had drowned. Despite the sadness of the day the Egyptian people proved its nobility when the men began to jump in to the Nile even those who were not engaged in the protest to save those fighting for their lives

I am proud with this day despite it is sad one because my Grand father was among those angry students,he was still in high school and he was shot by bullet in his arm and till he died ,he had its mark in his arm. Also my grand ma’s brother was among the University students who used to rescue their colleagues from drowning , he was a swimming champion in his faculty and my grand ma remembers that on that day he returned home so late and they were afraid that some thing bad had happened to him. He saved more than 10 persons.

What happened on that day was from the most famous students movement incidents in the Egyptian and the Arabic history.

Back to the day , I do not know from where this confusion happens, already the international day of student has not been changed according to my knowledge, still this is a very important national day we all should not only the students remember it.

By the way I tired to find more about protests in the international press and you will be surprised how biased the media in the west against us in a terrible way. This was a student protest but rather a mod riots where the Churches destroyed !! What Churches !!?? Strangely this was the same justification used in the Ismailia and Suez War .

“I apologize for the wrong twitter mistake, I should pay attention especially I read about this incident from short time”

I thought before writing about what is happening currently in the Cairo university ,I should write this post.

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