Thursday, February 5, 2009

So What if Iran Manufactures a Satellite ??

I do not understand all that anger and fear in the west because Iran made it and launched a local manufactured satellite !!?? I think Iran is not the first nor the last country in the world that manages to launch local satellite to space.

I know from the Security point of view that this is an indicator that Iran advanced so much in the rockets sciences, but so what ,is not this its right !!??

Already that Satellite would not have been built without the Russian or the Chinese help and the United States knows this very well.

How many countries have their own space programs and how many countries have launched their home made satellites !!?? For God sake I know that we have some Satellite manufactured in Egypt to be launched in the future , I do not know the near or the far future to be accurate , but I know we have one.

What if Iran Launched that Satellite from A Russian Space base !!??Would it be less dangerous ??

It is silly to speak about one only lonely Persian satellite ,where as Israel got dozens of Satellites mostly for espionage on its neighbours !!

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