Saturday, February 21, 2009

We need more laws

Last week in less than 48 hours the Police in Alexandria arrested two paedophile rings or rather two paedophiles. The two accidents are terrible and the street children are the common victims. The first ring was more shocking because it turns out the paedophile was a pimp for rich people from Egyptians and Arabs in Alexandria,the paedophile rich people there. The details of how he hunted down those kids and how he presented them to the rich people are so disgusting and shocking.

I hope that the police arrest those people in the ring despite I know this unlikely will happen because we do not have serious laws to deal sexual predators from paedophiles and rapists. May be rapists end up executed but what about paedophiles !!?? Is there a clear article in the law concerning their punishment !!?? This is a rape condition , they should be treated as rapists.

I fear that this ring will be consider as a prostitution ring and in Egypt the clients of the Prostitution ring are witnesses.

Another thing I fear is the future of those children ,the victims they found in Alex.Those children need psychological treatment and extra care I am afraid that are not available in the juvenile institutions where they will and are put. They will come out from this institutions more damaged and more dangerous.

The Police or rather interior ministry should pay more attention to this problem , those two paedophile pimps are just the top of the ice bergs. Already Egypt is considered a hot spot for human trafficking including for sexual proposal.

I believe we need more clear legalization with more harsh penalties to fight this crime for good.

The rings in Alexandria open again the file that no one wants for real to open and solve : The Street Children.


  1. am i reading too much into your conversation here, or do you see a relationship between this problem, the problem of unwanted contacts women often experience in public from men in egypt, and the challenges of having an open dialogue about sex and sexuality in egypt?

  2. As a 'wealthy' Egyptian legalising prostitution (normal woman not kids/pedophile stff) would really be good because the high-end women are becoming extremely materialistic and a lot of us are going abroad to fullfil our needs.

  3. @fake consultant , this is different from the sexual harassment and the open dialogue about sex and sexuality in Egypt , do not forget dear that paedophiles problem exists in the west where is a complete sexual freedom with no constraints what so ever and it seems that they can't stop it either.

    @anonymous, again prostitution is legalized in the west and there are paedophiles from the rich and wealthy ,it did not solve anything on the contrary it will make things worse.

  4. Ya Allah, what is happening in Egypt now! everyday there are news about crimes and now pedophiles!!! what's next? and where is the police and what happen to the public when all this crimes happening.


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