Monday, March 30, 2009

The Bloggers and Kamal

It became a lame thing in the official media to attack the Egyptian bloggers over and over , we know that the regime considers us the surprised pain in the ass that suddenly appeared from nowhere according to their view.

Still I have to share with you this, at least to express my usual anger.

Abdullah Kamal on Sunday wrote his op-ed about the Egyptian bloggers , the title of his op-ed  was “bloggers” and from the beginning till the end it was a complete attack on those group of Egyptian bloggers who exploited the freedom of expression given to them kindly by the regime in order to defame Egypt !!  Of course we should not forget that other from bloggers “from other countries” do not enjoy that freedom of expression online or offline !! He called for more control and supervision for the bloggers’ dangerous activities !!

It made me so angry despite I should not be , because I know that it is something normal from the regime side to trash us like any group in the country that stands with truth and seeks freedom for this country. Still it made me angry because I know that Kamal meant bloggers like me who speak about politics and I could not tolerate to be insulted by someone like him.

Just like Joseph Goebbels when I hear or read the word “bloggers” in the official media , I feel worried but I do not have a gun , I only have this blog to express my worries

Ironically Abdullah Kamal has a blog where he publishes his articles !!


  1. And who is Kamal he is just one of those *****

    I even doubt that he can read or understand English langauge.

    they will never be able to stop the bloggers except by full blocking of internet in Egypt which is impossible.

  2. Yeah, who is Kamal? he is just a communist, atheist and he hates any freedom and always attacking Islam and Muslims all over the world! Who he think himself. He is nothing but a pencil for Mubarak regime! He forgets that one day he will die and rot in hell! sorry I dont have respect for somebody like him and all his trash talks and articles! He is not like the great Mustafa Amin, Ali Amin, Tabei and Abdul Kudus. These people are the real journalists and true gentlemen and some of them spent time in prison just for the truth and I have great respect for them!

  3. @anonymous, Insh Allah they won't be able to stop all the bloggers.

    @Anonymous, you can't compare those gentlemen with men like Kamel ,there is no comparison , poor Abdul Kudus , he would not have believed that some day his mom's magazine will be headed by a man like Kamel
    by the way dear anonymous , he is not an atheist , it is haram to call so if he did not say it. He is still a Muslim

  4. bloggers are good but they take the bad way to fix the country.
    we should not attack the regime which is the best and only tool to keep Egypt safe.

  5. I'm sure they have the IP addresses and locations of all of the political bloggers including yourself. You live in a police state don't forget it. And there is no freedom of speech anywhere. Canada is refusing entry to George Galloway, a British citizen. Canada is a former British colony.

    The girl who organized the strike on facebook was located without any problem. One day you may not be so free to speak so liberally against the government you hate so much.

    Egypt is very good to most bloggers so stop complaining. You could be in Saudi or UAE where a lot of websites are blocked.


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