Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Did this really happen ??

I found this news today on Al Shorouk newspaper front page and I do not know whether to call it a scoop or a miserable attempt to create a buzz nationally and internationally for the new newspaper !!

The newspaper “which I respect by the way” claims that the United States of America launched an air strike last January 2009 in the Sudanese territories!! The American forces hit a convoy made of 17 vehicles suspected to smuggle arms to Gaza during the war !! The convoy was hit near the Egyptian borders. it was suspected that it was heading to Sinai. The strike was too strong that it killed all the 39 passengers in the convey !!

May I ask why would Al Shorouk newspaper publish something like this without powerful proof including photos or names after 2 months of the incident ??

I know that the newspaper did not start to issue in January 2009 ,still it did not publish this scoop story as soon as it started to issue in February especially that  the incident according to their source in Sudan happened in late January !!

The newspaper did not mention the identity of that source who is of course as usual very close to the regime and very trusted source in Sudan.

I tried to search for this news online in other foreign sources but I could not find anything . I am surprised at the timing the newspaper chose to publish this report during the crisis in Sudan. Already according to the report the Sudanese regime did not know about the convoy but it was angry from the strike !! Of course it was not the first time that America attacks Sudan in that way but I wonder why Sudan kept silent on this attack especially the convoy was suspected to carry arms which means it could be carrying anything else !!! The story is not logic with my all respect.

I do not know what the newspaper wants to say from this report , there is something missing.


  1. ايوه صحيح لو الكلام ده حصل كان السودان فضحت امريكا

  2. Sudan remain silent cuz it hate to expose how she is involved in terrorist activities.

    USA remain silent to avoid more hatred from the muzzies.


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