Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Egypt’s State Security tweets

I was opening my email early in the morning ,when I found a message from Twitter that State Security is following me on Twitter !! I was surprised actually when I just read the words “State security” , yes our Egyptian State Security that follows the interior ministry is following me on twitter, the same S.S with bad reputation I am afraid all over the world.
I clicked on the twitter page of S.S and I was surprised more when I saw the logo of the interior ministry !! Of course I found that he follows all my friends in Twitter including the activists too !!
Either it is a prank ,silly prank for sure or it seems that the Egyptian State Security decided to open a dialogue with the citizens through Twitter !! Of course I found it hard to believe the last option !!??
What do you think ?? Do you think that it is our State Security or it is a silly prank ?? or even it is a spam twitter account !!?? I tend to believe so after that last twitter message.
Yes I followed that account because I am curious to know what it will post in the coming hours
It turned out it is a prank , Mustafa is behind it;)
I can't deny that I enjoyed the prank


  1. i doubt the SS has time for these childish acts, i bet it's a prank by some wacko.

  2. well it is a prank but he is not a wacko at all


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