Sunday, March 1, 2009

H5N1 Human Infection No.56 in Egypt

2 years old Youssef Mohamed Said Abdel Azzim was officially announced as the H5N1 Human Infection no.56 in Egypt. Youssef is from Al Fayoum from a small village there.The symptoms of the virus appeared on Youssef last Wednesday and he was transferred to the Manshiat El-Bakery hospital on Saturday. He was given Tamflu and he is currently in a very critical condition in the ICU ,all my prayers and thoughts are with him and his family. Of course the domestic poultry to be blamed.

I must remind you that there is a publication ban in Fayoum concerning H5N1 !!


  1. Thank you for the post.

    Babble fish does not handle any Mid East Languages so your help means alot to flu bloggers.

    If you have time please post more on Twitter, or flutrackers, etc. We hope that this case is cured. Egypt has had 55 known cases with 23 fatalities (source: WHO at

    Kind regards,

  2. You welcome Kobie, I think google translation is better than Babble fish .
    Insh Allah I will post in twitter, I share your wish with you , insh Allah he will be cured


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