Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The dangerous underground EMO Cell !!!!

I am not from the group of people who cheer up for Youm 7 newspaper whether printed or online , as an online publication it became one of Egypt’s top online newspapers. I respect Khaled Salah, its chief in editor but I am not fond of him , he is just like Magdy El-Gald, if you know what I mean.
There are several news they published that made me wonder about the real intention of this newspaper to publish such news. There are several examples ,the most recent is what they published yesterday Monday.
Last Sunday several streets in Cairo mainly down town “Talaat Harb st.” were found to have certain unknown drawings , it became a national security issue for the state security , it does not make sense to have these drawings blocks away from the interior ministry down town. Needless to say nobody understood its meaning !!!
I saw the photos of the drawings in Youm 7 , my only guess it was a mad graffiti artist, of course I had my wonder on how he made such drawings in such area down town without beginning noticed.
Yesterday Monday at 11 :08 Am the newspaper published an exclusive news : The Egyptian Emos were behind the drawings downtown and that this drawing “which depicts a man with a broom , of course I did not know that” means unlimited feelings !!!!!!!!!!
According to a member from Egypt’s underground dangerous Emo group it is a message to the state security that they are not affected by these arrests that followed “Al-Hakika show” and these drawings mean that the group is too big that we think. This news was published by Ahmed Mustafa who seems to know an insider in the Emos !!
I did not believe the story and I wanted to comment on it as soon as I read it but I got engaged in Sham El-Nassim. I felt that it was an attempt by the interior ministry to hunt down the Emos again.
Thank goodness that I waited because in 15:47 PM Youm 7 published another news , this time by Gamal Al-Shanawy , the news is saying that the interior ministry succeeded in arresting those who drew those drawings and guess what they are not Emos and may be they have not heard about them in their entire life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are two artists from the town house gallery  were trying to promote a new logo they invented to become the new logo of the state cleanliness campaign !!  A car technician was helping them by holding their tools.
Now what bring the Emos in to the issue in the first place ?? Is not this a fabrication !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do not know why we do not put the Emos phenomena in its right size.
Update #1: 

  • Al Masry Al Youm mentions that there is confusion despite the arrest of those artists , a security source told them the Emos were behind it , not to mention that dangerous underground EMO cell in Egypt have announced their responsibility !! Did they send a statement to the major newspapers or what ??
  • Al Shorouk today tried to hold the stick from the middle , the police arrested two EMO artists responsible for these strange drawings !!
Update # 2 : 
  • The authorities released the two artists for L.E 100 bail ,already they did not anything to deserve all that noise.


  1. It's same like when they categorize metal-heads as satanists, homosexual as feminine sexual hungry animals and Bahaï as athiest!

    All goes bk 2 our(not talking only abt Egyptians) human fear of anything "different"! =)

  2. في ناس كتير مسمينه اليوم الساقع علشان بيفبرك عناوين ملهاش علاقة بالموضوع اللي تحت العنوان ده انهم واخدين موقف منحاز في التغطية الاخبارية مع معاهدة السلام و ضد حزب الله _تبعا لموقف رئيس التحرير

  3. when i was in quito and cuenca ecuador last year, there was so much media coverage of Emo kids, how to spot them, what to know about them, and the kind of music these "deviants" listen to. the media painted this dark culture as a negative one, ex-colonial influenced, etc.
    what i thought was interesting was the emo protests all over demanding an end to prejudice. we are talking about teenagers in large numbers organizing peacefully to ask for their basic rights.

  4. I am an emo teen and it is just another form of self expression. It is just a teen subculture much like any other.

  5. @Ice, it is the fear and also misunderstanding

    @Mido, بالفعل اليوم الساقع

    @anonymous, I read about this too !! wow in Ecuador too people fear them. Imagine emo teenagers protesting down town Cairo !!

    @Hannah, It is a strange dark self expression for sure but as you said it is a subculture , we do not have much subcultures in Egypt thought

  6. I suppose in countries like the states, UK and Australia it is not such a big deal as emo teens are just an off shoot of the latest craze, there have always been darkly inclined youths like goths, grunge, metal heads to name but a few. I guess the internet has now made these cultures pervasive throughout the world and it is the first time countries like Egypt are experiencing western youth subcultures in their own youth and like most new things, its scary.


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