Monday, April 20, 2009

The War on Fiseekh

What is all this fuss on Fiseekh “Salted Flathead mullet”  this year in the media ?? The ministry of health issued warnings that they did not issue in the outbreak of H5N1 in Egypt.
Do Not Eat Fiseekh !!
Eat Fiseekh but take care and buy from a good shop not from unknown dirty shop…etc !!
I respect their concern but the Fiseekhphobia went a little bit too far with MPs speaking against it in the parliament and fatwas that prohibit it !!
Yes some member in the parliament left all those things that matter in the country and spoke abut Fiseekh !! The Egyptians spend too much money on Fiseekh , about L.E 1 billion are spent on Fiseekh and similar salted fish !!  With my all respect why he does not speak about the billions wasted by the government in useless projects !!???
This year some sheikhs came to the media saying that Fiseekh is haram because it is raw ,stinky and dangerous on health !!!
First of all it is not raw, it is processed salted fish , already if we are going to speak about food that should be banned in our Egyptian menu I believe we should ban Pastrami too in the same way !!! 
Secord regarding the stinky part , well if you buy from a good clean shop like for instance Chahine Down town ,you will be sure that it is not stinky. I do not know why no one remembers the fact that millions of Egyptians adore something called Blue Cheese and it is considered Halal !!!
Third regarding the dangerous on health part , you do not eat expired Fiseekh from a very cheap place and expect that you will be fine. You do not eat Fiseekh when you have a high blood pressure disease and expect that you will be fine !! It is ABC , it is logic. It is just like any food item in the world. There is no harm from it if you eat in a balanced way !!
I do not know why the sheikhs are focusing on Fiseekh and are forgetting herring , salted Sardine and Muluah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FYI Muluah is much popular in Upper Egypt and it is much more salty than Fiseekh.
What is going on ?? It is just one day and one meal in the year , what all that fuss is for !!?? I feel that the government has announced war on Fiseekh for God Sake !!
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  1. فسيخ ايه بس ؟

    انا مكلتش فسيخ فى حياتى ؟

  2. no
    he said :

    L.E 1 billion are spent on ((*corrupted)))



  3. ana b'muut fi faseekh!

    it's the only culinary tradition that egypt and sweden share!

  4. i never ate Fiseekh before, i wished to try it this year but didn't find any shop opened to sell.

  5. :D

    Sorry I can't join your cause, I wouldn't be caught dead eating that smelly stuff. Fal yas2ot el feseekh!

    No hard feelings, though ;)

  6. i eat it once in my life from 18 years ago ..
    but i like the newly invented expression "Fiseekhphobia "

  7. @Mido, ya ragel tab renga !!??

    @Abu Hamza, you got it in Sweden too !!

    @Bastawisi, you should buy it from a good clean store.

    @Banoota, it is not dead fish , it is just like any other fish the process is only different !!
    Ok do you eat ranga ??

    @ayman, and what do you think about it after all those years??

  8. Of course we have it.

    Here's a quick swedish course for you:


    And then we also have "inlagd sill" which is basically samak makhallil

    Oh and we have so much salmon here we could eat it everyday if we wanted it. What we do not have is Aysh baladi :(


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