Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Old scold Sis Policy

Many people are amazed and shocked at the disgusting low level the Egyptian official media have reached to in their offensive war with Hezbollah and the axis of Qatar-Syria-Iran.

They should not be amazed because that big scold Sis. policy is not something new or is invented by Mubarak regime , we were rude in old times but we know very well how and when we use our gifted scolding powers .  I am afraid we just have short memory.

Historically Nasser was the first one to adopt this policy , he was the hero of the working class that did not reject that policy , in fact I believe his care-for-nobody rude attitude was part of his charisma whether we like it or not , of course that rude attitude led to arrogance that led to dictatorship that led to our defeat in 1967.

Nasser once insulted late King Faisal of Saudi Arabia in a way that no one could imagine it  as he used offensive terms decent respectable men do not use , of course he had to apologize realizing that he needed the support of the kingdom after the six days war defeat. The reconciliation took place in the urgent Arab summit at Khartoum in 1967.

ph46 I should not forget the media war between Cairo and Amman, the radio war between Hussein the son of Zein Vs. Nasser the postman’s son. The Egyptian radio during that time used to air Shadia’s song “Souna ya Souna{ Souna is another Egyptian nickname for Hussein} where as the Jordanian radio used to air Raga’a Abdou’s song “The postmen complained from my many letters” in reference to Nasser’s father profession , it is worth to mention that this song was banned during the Nasserite era. Honestly I do not see how those two songs can be offensive to both men !!?? Shadia is pampering her love Hussein as usual and postman job is a respectable one  !!!  Anyhow I am not fond by the late king ,despite that Nasser went a little bit too far in his war with Him ,yet I believe he had to be stopped. With all my respect to my dear Jordanian friends I am not fond of your late King nor his grandfather but I do like his father.

Nasser died and left his legacy alive as his processor President Sadat was even much more innovative in my point of view in scolding his enemies , he did not use dirty words or insults like Nasser but he invented strange expressions to insult and mock those rulers that were against him whether they were other Arab leaders like Qaddafi “his favourite” or regional leaders like Red Mengistu !!

Sadat just Nasser , a Show master in his speeches , he could be rude when he wanted to , of course it weakened his position some time just like Nasser. It was a big flop for him when he describe one of his Islamist opponent as the dog in his prison cell.

I do not recall for Mubarak rude bombs said in his speeches because actually up till now I recall none of them. They are all serious,respectable and boring to be honest. Mubarak has not got this daring charisma Nasser and Sadat had unfortunately. May be this is the reason he let his media does the favour and trashes his enemies whether locally or regionally or even internationally.

Needless to say when the President becomes vocal against certain things in the world , the official media jumps in the wagon , it is something expected.

So it is not something new to have this sort of media war from the Egyptian side but the new thing this time is that our official media is going too far in order to please the regime ,some journalists want to be promoted , already some journalists were promoted as reward for their offensive talents in the last Gaza War for instance like Mr. Magdy El-Dakak.

We are all shocked because it has been a long time since the Egyptian media has declared the war on an Arabic party not a country like this not to mention there were certain offensive expressions that were used . Also part of the shock is that people hate those regime reporters who are good in nothing except offending others  already. It was a shock to find unknown hypocrite journalists for instance like Ali Ibrahim in Al Gomhouria to offend Hassan Nasrallah in this way whereas he never called the Israeli war criminals in Olmert cabinet  names like this, Of course I must clarify that Mr. Ali Ibrahim with my all respect is not a well known journalist in Egypt , he is only considered a regime journalist only !!  This is a con not a pro.

In the end those journalists and writers are not doing to the Egyptian regime a favour , needless to say Egypt because they are not in Egypt’s side from near or far , they are bunch of liars whom I wonder why anyone would believe anything they write when they support the regime and believe that everything is great and okay in this country.

I am not defending anyone , I am just saying that we should not surprised.

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