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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kill That Piggy

The Swine flu is the talk of  the world right now , it is the nightmare that no one paid attention to. The news coming from Mexico are not encouraging, imagine that the President himself comes and speaks about the matter on air on TV , well Felipe Calderón has done it from few minutes ago , I saw him on CNN.

The Swine flu death toll reached to 81 in Mexico after it was 20 yesterday and I can imagine that there are more taking in consideration the rural areas in Mexico and the time needed for confirmation. Thousands are reportedly ill and the whole country is on the verge of complete isolation. Most countries around the world banned the importation of meat not to mention there are precautions and procedures dealing with travellers coming from Mexico.

The WHO announced that there is no treatment for this virus and it is expected that ,sorry it is turning to pandemic. It did not transfer only regionally to the United States of America where 20 were infected and currently under quarantine but also the government has announced the U.S under emergency. I have seen Mayor Bloomberg announced emergency in New York after the infection of some case there.

As I said it is not a regional epidemic that threat the Americas only , there are suspected cases in Spain, France, Hong Kong and even New Zealand.  Of course I do not have to tell you that an Israeli may have returned from Mexico with Swine flu.

If you think we are far away from this spreading virus think again especially that  at last the minister of Nazif cabinet were suffering from the avian flu and did not finish with it so they can find themselves in front of even more bigger challenge. I read today already that Mubarak gave a cold shower to Nazif for the latest updates of Avian flu in Egypt.

Today to be honest the government in Egypt began taking steps coping with the international crisis.The minister of health and governor of Qalyubia at last are paying attention to the time bombs aka pigs farms in the governorate.

The biggest number of farms in Egypt is there. The health minister order an immediate check up on both pigs and pig farmers starting from today, I can’t imagine the environment and the smell those doctors will work in !!  There are about 1200 pigs farms there “not actually farms but rather dumpster !!”. There are 10,000 citizens working in these farms , you can see how much dangerous it is. Qalyubia is already  a hot zone for the Avian flu. There are hundreds of thousands of pigs in these farms . These farms as I said are faraway from the standard pigs farms ,just dumpster so you can imagine the health situation is.

The governor also issued an order to ban new garbage imports to the area of Khosos where the pigs farms are. The trucks that will bring any new garbage will be fined L.E 10,000 which is a very big sum of money.

President Mubarak has order the transfer of all pigs farms in the governorate along to other governorates to the desert of the newly found 15th of May desert despite the complains of the people there.

The pigs farms will relocated to 238 acres there.

This is good but accordingly only the pigs farms in 3 governorates will be transferred , well pigs farms exist in 5 governorates across the country ; where the other 2 governorates are I wonder ??

For 2 years we are speaking about eliminating these farms ,transferring them is not the ultimate solution in these times. Eliminating them would be a better solution in the same way there were massacres for poultry from two years ago.

In the end I would like you to visit this link , yes it is in America but it is important, already I believe every house should have the first aid kit .

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  1. Hello Zeinobia, I am in the United States in Wisconsin, and I am watching the swine flu move very quickly. What worries me about it arriving in Egypt is the fact that you are also battling h5n1, and the thought of the two combining into a fast moving deadly virus is very serious. Continue to tell people to prepare- keep up the wonderful reporting and stay safe- tamara

  2. I think the only animals who are immune from That virus are (The Donkeys)

    so as we in Egypt have alot of (Donkeynism)

    we are safe


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