Egyptian Chronicles: The Bride of Steel Crisis

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Bride of Steel Crisis

The details of Haifa Wahbi’s big wedding night in Beirut began to be leaked to the Press and of course because she is Haifa and she is marrying that filthy rich man you can imagine how the press is crazy with the news.
Haifa Wahbi and Abu Hashima
Haifa Wahby and Ahmed Abu Hashima 
I do not care whether Haifa marries or not but there are some details leaked to the press that makes me wonder more and more about the fortune of her groom or rather her hubby businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima or as the Arabic press called him “The Emperor of Steel” in time we are suffering from terrible steel crisis.
- The dowry of Haifa is $ 20 Million. ” He is the one who pays this dowry not her according to Islam”
- The remaining of the dowry to be paid as “Mokher El-Sadak which I do not know its meaning in English” is $ 40Million. “It is amount of money he pays when he divorces her”
- The cost of the wedding night was $ 9 million “expected to be higher than that with luxurious gifts given to the guests and the entertainers who amused the guests like Carmen Electra whom I do not know what she presented in Haifa’s wedding !!”
In total $ 69 million were spent by Abu-Hashima to marry Haifa and these are the costs of her marriage only, we do not what he had spent to gain her approval !!
$ 69 million !!?? Do you know how much $ 69 million are in Egyptian pounds ?? L.E 386,400,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do not know if this sum is real or overestimation from the press !!?? Haifa for sure despite all her obvious talents is not Qatr Al-Nada of her time !!!
If that sum of money is true then I wonder from where he really got all that fortune and please do not tell me that he used to work in Italy or he is working in the steel industry or it is his family fortune as I have never heard about Abu-Hashima before !!
Haifa and Abu Hashima
Haifa and Abu Hashima 
 Does the steel crisis made him that filthy rich !!!??? Is Haifa Wahbi the bride of our steel crisis ??
Real people who build their fortunes with their sweat do not spend their money in this way even if they have billions especially in a time of international and national crises !!!??
If he were an American this sum of money would an uproar !!?? SO you can imagine the situation in Egypt !!??
This is the real prodigality in its worst form but I am not surprised, Abu Hashima is a nouveau riche from that class that buys 250 grams of Caviar for L.E 11,000 at the same time an old woman kisses the hand of some foreign government official for giving her money !!
Couples who really love each other can’t get married because they can’t find a small apartment for God Sake !!
I wonder how he will document his marriage from her in Egypt, they married in Lebanon and they have to document it in Egypt and accordingly he has to pay taxes on the dowry he paid to her even if it were abroad as far as I know !!
Shall they claim that he paid only 25 piasters as most of Egyptians families document in their marriage certificates to avoid taxation !!??
By the way Mrs. Abu Hashima has donated her D&G diamond wedding dress to Madonna’s charity “Raising Malawi"” whereas this dress could be donated either to orphans of the Lebanese war or the reconstruction of South Lebanon where she is from “ It is not Hezbollah money” or even the cancer hospital in Egypt !!
Do not get me wrong, yes Malawi needs help but I know there are so many people in Lebanon and in Egypt need help too.
In the end, I want to say one thing:
  • All that Money can’t buy real love, happiness and respect needed for a real solid marriage.
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  1. wow thats just a ridiculous amount of money to spend. how can they spend this much money on a weddig when so many people in th world are poor, hungry and homeless? its just disgusting.

  2. AardvarkEF-111B4/27/2009 02:52:00 PM

    rediculous, this man has no life, barely any brain, and definitely some (hot fun) to enjoy for a while, i want to know how they will go together

    please keep covering the gloden-couple

  3. يا سلام يا ولاد
    حلة وغطاها

  4. @Ange, it is injustice and inconsideration too !!

    @Aardvark, I will cover him more , the man who spends all that amount of money appearing suddenly in the media is for sure an interesting man , I bet he is in the policy committee !!

    @ayman , lol

    @Bastawisi , whatever

  5. This is the most ridiculous, absurd news I ever heard!!! wasting money on wedding like it is nothing. lots of Muslims people who are hungry and dying to make a living especially in Lebanon and Egypt! worse of all, Haifa donating the diamond dress for the poor Malawi when at home she has muslims Lebanese and Egyptians who needs it more! Dont forget in the day of judgement Allah swt will ask how you spent every penny of your money!

  6. asfor spending the money well unfortunately this is the real has always been like that to some people spending one million dollar is just the same as spending a 100 pounds...ill frame it in another way u can buy a pair of nike trainers for 600 pounds and think that it is perfectly normal while those 600 pounds can 10 shoes 60 pounds each for 10 people..its quite the same thing..y don't the egyptian weddings nowadays, the normal upperclass wedding cost at least 30000 pounds and may reach to 10000 pounds or even more and that's just the upper middle not the filthy rich buisness men....ahmed abuhasheema's 50 million dollars which iam sure is quite an overestimation is just as spending like 50000 the guy is paying this huge sum of money so that people would point at him that lucky bastard is haifa's husband not coz he is only drooling over the thing for her is getting married to some filthy rich guy to make the most out of it

  7. @anonymous, yes they will be asked for every penny they have , from where they got it for real and in what they spent !!

    @deluded fool, for sure this guy paid this sum to show off ,he is the guy who married Haifa and he can afford this amount of money even more than the president's sons !!

  8. I love the argument, seriously..

  9. Moakhar sadak is deffered dowry in Enlish and that means that she will be able to take the amont once she gets a divorce..rgds to all..

  10. Bastawisi, your comment about ARABS!!! i did not quite understand what you get some stupid ARABS like ANY OTHER NATIONALITIES!! But this is an good example of Stupid ARABS but you should not generalise cause you will get these ppl wherever you go (in any country)..your comment is not in its place..wonder where your from?? If i knew then i can tell u loads about where your from.. rgds to all..

  11. Older,

    Hifa now is over 43 years old how long more she will remain pretty even under all those plastic surgeries ?, good deal Mr. Abu Hashima

  12. How much money went to charity and helping the homeless, better of couldn't he spare half of this cost o help thousands who cant afford getting marry!!!

  13. I really hope to use same amount money to Palestine,Iraqi suffering children by hunger,desease,injoured...

    But extra rich people who has same amount money in USA, Europe,etc...all over the world are all same like this.

  14. this is a really silly article, haifa was on alot of shows after her wedding and said that those numbers you have in ur articles are more like phone numbers than money spent on a wedding, you can buy a country with that kind of money. another thing, la teftero 3al nas, they can do anything with their hard earnt money, haifa is a hard worker, and supports a number of charities not only one. to answer your 2 questions. 1. the kind of family that would like haifa as their daughter in law are the kind the respect and love their son and his wishes and the person he fell in love with no matter who he/she is. 2. these 2 are happy because they love each other and because they have tonz of money to share with each other and in their charities. and ps theyre not the only ones whov had ridiculous weddings, i expected a much much more rediculous wedding from here, REMEMBER LIZ HURLEYS WEDDING !!!! I wonder how many Indians slaved to make that happen!!! I think Haifa's wedding was beyond simple for who she is, especially her dress it had NO wow factor watsoever in my eyes, I was actually disappointed that she did not have the wedding of the century!

  15. Madonna is not an exemplary philanthropist. As an African I am outraged at the pedlling off of children who have one parent who is alive and not a criminal, to this woman for money! Are there not abandoned children in the States? She bribed Malawian officials according to a UK Channel 4 documentary to build a Kabalah orphanage in Malawi, where no one practices Kabalah. A most disgraceful charade.

  16. You are envying haifa for the big wedding....She deserves that ...let her be happy ..Envious people cant survive without ridiculous comments...

  17. You people need to get a life!!!! That's none of ur business how much she spend on her wedding!!!!

  18. uh...are you kidding? Money is spent like this in America...billionaires do it all the time. It isn't strange at all. I'm not saying that it's right. You're getting upset about gossip. You don't know how much she spent on her wedding, her dowry, etc. Stay out of their business and make the world a better place by doing YOUR part.
    And why are you blaming this all on Haifa? You know her husband did exactly refuse...sadly sexism is rampant amongst us Arabs, Lebanese, Egyptians, etc. otherwise it wouldn't only be her fault.

  19. لعن الله6/21/2010 06:20:00 PM

    لعن الله علیهم


  21. Haifa we want to see ur natural face without make up and contact lenses and see if ur beautiful or not!

  22. She married him for his moeny everyone knows that.

  23. if he have it it none of any MK business

  24. wow..... what a reality?

  25. Eu sou do Brasil e acho a Haifa a mulher mais linda do mundo, mais não justifica gastar tanto dinheiro assim em um casamento e para o marido dela vou dizer apenas uma coisa o dinheiro não compra o amor, depois de ver Haifa e seu marido gastando tanto para se casar em quanto milhões de pessoas passam fome no mundo meu carinho e admiração por ela se acabou! muito obrigado meu nome é Ezequiel de Carvalho e eu clamo por justiça na terra!

  26. Eu sou do brasil e acho a Haifa a mulher mais linda do mundo, mais isto não justifica o marido dela gastar tanto dinheiro pra se casar em quanto isso muitas pessoas passam fome no mundo e meu carinho e admiração por ela se acabou depois de saber q ela não se importa com o ser humano e sim apenas com sua vaidade, conforto e riqueza eu digo apenas uma coisa para eles o dinheiro não compra o amor. Meu nome é Ezequiel de Carvalho e luto por um mundo melhor.

  27. from where did he get all of this money ofcourse he doent inly work in steel

  28. It will more good that he gave money to poor people. Is so sad and big shame that they thinking like this and on world is too much hungry people.
    Good job really Mr. Hashima. She got married with u just for $.


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