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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Little Provocative Calculation

I can’t get over both the official Spanish visit and Haifa’s extravaganza wedding. The wedding provocative news are everywhere in press and in TV . Today Al Dostor Daily published a single photo from her wedding where she appears wearing her D&G expensive wedding dress.

Haifa's D&G Wedding Dress

Already today I did a little calculation and I found out what Spain officially as a country donated to Dahshur to establish development projects and eco-tourism in the area is less than what Abu-Hashima has spent in one night only which is his wedding night !!!!!!!!!!!

Spain gave the people of Dahshour $ 6.3 million to improve their living standards according to an economic program I assume was well prepared to ensure that the money of the Spanish tax payer doesn't get wasted.Those $ 6.3 million will be spent on years I assume and on stages.

On the other hand in order to celebrate his wedding from a Lebanese singer, Abu-Hashima spends $ 9 million for just one night !! I do not speak about the $ 20 million dowry he paid !!

He spends more than an European country spends in a third world single country in its program to help developing countries !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I want to comment something ; Mr. Khaled Youssef and Mr.Amr Adib have attended that wedding , well I recommend them to stop preaching as about how the poor people suffer in our country. Youssef should stop preaching his socialist Nasserite ideas in his films , already he claims that his coming film which Haifa acts in a leading role discusses how Egypt is currently suffering by focusing on the low working class !!!!!

Back to Ahmed Abu Hashima , the new billionaire in Egypt , it seems that many people not only me are wondering about him and his family too.

There are some new information about him :

  • His father was a Police general working in the customs and tariffs department !!
  • He used to be married before Haifa , of course they are divorced now , his ex-wife is attacking Haifa.
  • He has two sons , very young I saw their photo in the football match for our national team.
  • I assume that he is a member in the policies committee of NDP.

He was keeping a very low profile before this marriage from a celeb like Haifa in a wedding like this. This low profile status has gone in the wind now.

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  1. Well, if you are gonna compare European (or any other democratic/sane/Generally-Non-Arab/Specifically-Non-Egyptian) spending scheme to whats happening then would never see the end of it...

    At least he is spending a portion of his own money(just disregard -for now- where he got it from),on a Whole night...
    now consider this for example,

    Now this is TAX money, form a deprived fund for starved people, for a few hours visit!!
    (...with no single penny for Malawi kids this time)


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