Egyptian Chronicles: An Imaginary Royal Visit

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An Imaginary Royal Visit

From couple of weeks ago Ahmed El-Mosallamani surprised the viewers of his show “First edition” including me by an announcement that ex-King Ahmed Fouad II is going to visit Egypt along with his offspring “ Mohamed Ali, Fawzia Latifa and Fakher El-Din”. It is not the first time they would visit in Egypt but it would be the first  after a long considerable time , taking in consideration they did not attend their aunts funerals in Cairo with their father . of course it turned out that Ahmed Fouad II and his wife had a divorce and they were and are on their mother’s side.

Now back to El-Mosallamani‘s announcement ,it was a strange announcement for me because first of all it was well known that they are on their mother side and they have not seen their father for some time now according to some reports and sources.

Second I wondered how El-Mosallamani knew where as that Nasserite journalist caused a stir when he interviewed Fouad ’s ex-wife who boldly claimed to be his wife where as they were divorced for years. The Royal family had to issue a denial and it seemed that it was another chapter for the Mohamed Ali Royal family misfortune series.

Still I believed that  may be this new was true and the Royal family is trying to deny the reports saying that the royal offspring had converted to Judaism , which is their mother original religion before converting to Islam and marrying Ahmed Fouad II. Al-Youm 7 published a report from several weeks ago saying that they did convert according to unnamed closed sources in the Royal family .If this news is true ,this means the three will have the right in getting an Israeli Nationality , see the implication here ?? To tell you the truth I do not care if they did convert or not because it is not as if it is going to affect the fate of Egypt , yes it will be just another chapter in the MRF misfortune series , bad to their father and their grandfather for sure but it is not going to affect on our national security. With my all respect to everyone , I do not have any hopes that the Mohamed Ali Royal family would rule again in fact I do not think they will.

To be sure from the news before publishing it here , I had to ask someone close to the Egyptian Royal family and to Ahmed Fouad II personally and this one would be Dr. Maged Farag.

His answer came as follows :

His majesty has no plans whatsoever to visit Egypt in the near future, not to mention that if and when he does,El-Mosallamani will be the last to know about it.

Ahmed Fouad II has no plans to visit Egypt in the near future.

So from Where El-Mosallamani brought this false news of this imaginary royal visit or to be accurate in the question why El-Mosallamani would announce such rumour in his important program , yes it is important and many people watch him. The problem is that he claims that it is true and he gave the impression that he would have the news exclusively in his show. I do not know why he is picking on Fouad II !!! I do not get it.

Ahmed Fouad II did not do something wrong in his life so he would be a hot meal in our media despite we have others issues that really need more attention than the personal life of an ex-king living in exile. That man does not compete on the rule of Egypt ,so leave him alone to enjoy his life.

It is not the first time El-Mosallamani does such thing. I will not deny and say that despite my respect for his position in Al Ahram newspaper yet I do not like many of his views including the over glorification of late General Abu Ghazla.

Back to Dr. Maged Farag , insh Allah soon ART channel will air the interview of Dr. Maged with Ahmed Fouad II in Arabic, yes Ahmed Fouad II will speak in Arabic, I am very anxious to see this interview. Thank God I asked him about this imaginary visit because I do not watch ART main Channel nowadays and I do not follow their programs ,I think I will now.


Insh Allah I will post the video of the interview as soon as it is aired. I expect that the Nasserites will attack the interview as usual.

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