Egyptian Chronicles: Terrible photo to start the day with !!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Terrible photo to start the day with !!

I have just finished reading the daily newspapers and there is a certain photo on Al-Masry Al Youm's first page that made me so angry and sad at the same time
Here is the photo
Maria came in a visit arranged by the UN and Spain to Dahshur where Spain is kindly donating $6.3 million to improve the area. This particular woman Magda in the photo kissing Maria's hand is said to receive L.E 1500
In this particular visit there was no Egyptian official even the Governor.
Have we reached to this level ?? This is the ugliest humiliation I would imagine, an old woman kissing the hand of a foreign woman because of poverty and need.Kissing the hand of someone especially if it is higher than you in social status means submission and humiliation.
I hope that the Preisdent sees this photo or his wife or even his son. Is Dahshur among Gamal Mubarak's plan to improve 1000 village or what ever he calls it ??
I know that there are even much worse photos than Magda's which we do not know or see but still it is hard to see this photo like this.
With my all respect to the Spanish people and their generous donation , Egypt is not poor and Dahshur does not need their money because there are some Egyptian people who buy 250 g of Caviar for L.E 11,000 and wed in extravagance $ 9,000,000 wedding.
I am so angry and sad
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  1. this is the real development for the ice drink
    if the ministers and their men don't give people any attention .. what do you think they will do ?
    be realistic we became ...i don't know how to express it ...became nothing ...the worst is coming ...just wait and it will come as we all just watching and waiting for help from another world ... don't blame poor people for any thing we all lost trust in the Egyptian system ...

  2. So what Shall you and me do !! come on this is the weakest thing we can do , just talk not even in Arabic
    If we want to be realistic we should not be passive

  3. aliens are more merciful on us than ourselves!!!!!!!
    shame on you to feel angry of the Spanish donation while you do nothing for your own people.

  4. I agreed with Ayman that we shouldn't angry or mad at the poor Egyptian people because it was Mubarak regime responsible for what happening to the Egyptian people right now! In fact I am happy that there are others who saw it and came to help when the Egyptian regime is tooo blind and too arrogant to see it! We should thanked anybody who can help any poor Egyptian. Thank God you and I are not in her situation. You said Egyptian are rich and spent for LE55,000 million on wedding, why they didnt donate sum amount of money to help the poor coz as they lived in Egypt and saw everything but they are acting they are in lala land! Is this the rich Egyptians that we all should be proud of? Shame on Mubarak regime that brought the Egyptian people to this condition! Egyptian people are very rich and had a better life and respectful before the revolution. I do believe the worse is coming and its going to be lot worse than right now!

  5. انا بقي اول ما شوفت الصورة لقيت نفسي عمل زي نور الشريف في اخر مشهد من فيلم سواق الاتوبيس

    يا ولااااااااااااد الكلب
    يا ولاااااااااااااااد الكلب

    زلتونا لناس كانوا عبيد عندنا الله يفضحكم

  6. @Bastiwsi , why do yoع blame me ?? what can I do ?? why do not you blame the regime and your favorite president ??

    @anonymous , I do not attack those power people nor I attack the Spanish people for their donation but I am attacking the regime that made us reach to this level of humailiation in front of the whole world

    @tamer.Sala7, يسلم فمك !!

  7. lw fe 7ad shaklo we7esh fe esora de fahyaa el set elm7tarama be ebtesametha el was3a we sa3detha be zol wa7da seet shaklha y2ata el 2alb 7asbya alaho wane3ma elwakeel we medyaha edha we far7ana

  8. egyptians lost their pride and their self-esteem
    they look down on themselves although they were the best and they had a great civilization it is very sad to watch this photo :((

  9. @anonymous#2, aawi wallahy !!

    @anonymous#3, we have not lost our pride and self esteem yet and the evidence is that we all rejected that ugly photo


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