Egyptian Chronicles: An Unexpected End to A Controversial Case

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An Unexpected End to A Controversial Case

Today the court announced that it seeks the execution of Mahmoud Abdel Hafiz who was found guilty of murder in the infamous 6th October murder of last year !! In other words it ruled out the execution of Abdel Hafiz, you do not have to wait for the 17th of June to see the judge saying it.

I am shocked after all the evidence shown by the defense proved Abdel Hafiz innocence and how the police and the prosecution fabricated the whole case !!!!

After seeing these videos “in the link above” I became convinced more than before that it was not a theft turned to murder crime , I am convinced that some big names were involved in the murder !!!  Especially with all the contradictions in the case from circumstances and all the evidence that indicates that it was a personal vendetta crime.

I do not know why I am having hard time to accept this verdict with my all respect to the judges whom I hope that they reached out this rule based on their own conviction and the fact that this is a human soul.

Those two poor girls won’t have real justice if the wrong man is executed.

It seems that the police wants to close one of Egypt’s high profile crimes in 2008 as soon as possible.

By the way did not Laila Ghofran accused some official offspring of killing her daughter , why suddenly she is convinced that Abdel Hafiz had killed her daughter !!??

Anyhow Next Month it will be the big circus day on the 21st of May of 2009 where the court will say its word in the famous Suzanne Tamim murder trial.

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  1. as one of the girls dad told yesterday: "people knowing about the case from the media, that's why they think Mahmod is innocent"!!

    give yourself a brake of paranoia.

  2. @Bastawisi, check the video then talk again of Paranoia, I follow it since day one


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