Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wikipedia is an Iranian Agent !!

I read last Tuesday a strange , a real strange letter published in Al Ahram daily newspaper accusing Wikipedia of being biased against Arabs for the Persians sake !!
Of course when I read who had sent it I was no longer strange , it turned it is our old stalking friend Amr El-Abyad !! man it is his time , I do not need to bet that he is excited with the current media war on Iran and Shiite , it is a thrill for him.
His message was published in the IT weekly section “Logt Al Asr” in the newspaper not in the famous Al Ahram Mail section "which is headed by Khairy Ramdan by the way"
Amr is accusing Wikipedia of publishing wrong information about the nationality , origin and religion of several Muslim scientists from the Middle ages like Al-Hassan Ibn Al-Haytham. Those Muslim scientists are said to be from Persian origin and not from an Arab origin and thus it is an insult to our Arab history.
The letter included links for scientists :
- Hassan Ibn Al-Haytham “Wikipedia considered him a Persian despite he was born in Basra because during that time Basra was following Buyid dynasty of Persia
- Muhammad ibn Zakariya ar-Razi “Taking in consideration that in Arabic wikipedia it is mentioned that he was born in Persia”
- Geber “ Amr is mad at how Wikipedia claims that he was born in Persia and that he was a Shiite as it would make a difference, I do not know if he and Al Ahram editor have checked from the external links and sources in this page before they speak “
- Ibn Sina “Despite mentioning that he was born in Uzbekistan , evil Wikipedia mentioned that he was a Persian taken in consideration that Uzbekistan was ruled by Persian Samanid Empire and Ibn Sina was born at its late rule in 980.”
- Al-Farabi “ Wikipedia was clear that his origin was disputed mentioning the two theories of his place of origin , the newspaper and Amr claim that evil Wikipedia mentioned he was working in the Persian imperial court despite it was clearly mentioned in his biography as you can check from the link that he did not settle in Persia !! Persia is only mentioned in the theories concerning his birth !!
- Rumi “ Despite being born in today’s Afghanistan Wikipedia considers him as a Persian because where he was born in 1207 and Afghanistan then was following Persia, of course Al Ahram does not know that the most of his works were in Persian , but I think the editor of the IT section should have asked Farouk Goweda !!”
- Hasan Al-Basri “ It is mentioned that his parents were Persians despite he was born at Medina , of course it does not matter that during that time in early Islam it was an issue that his parents were not Arab because he was considered a Muslim”
Here is the scanned article in Arabic :
“Click on it”

I am amazed that Al Ahram has given to his letter this space in this page like this and let themselves accuse wikipedia with such silly accusation. Amr goes on and says along with the newspaper that Wikipedia does not allow the editing of these pages , well may be his information is not supported with sources required in these pages. Amr goes on and says that there is a deliberate act from Wikipedia to ignore the nationality of Arab scientists mentioning their religion only !! Where as it mentions only the Persian identity of those scientists !!
I do not have doubt that it is Web 2.0 way of Al Ahram to trash Iran in the Egyptian regime official media war against Tehran and our friend found an opportunity , of course they did not know whom they are dealing with !!
The new thing is that they included Wikipedia in the media war against Tehran, the West and the Persians are plotting against our Arabic history .
I am afraid this is not an Arabic history but rather an Islamic history in the first place with my all respect . I do not know why some are angry and consider it an attack on our Arab identity if we say that this scientist was from a non Arabic origin and he was from Persian origin !!
So what !!??
Al-Khwarizmi was from a Persian non Arab origin and it is enough that up till Algorithm is named after him !! I believe Amr forgot about him !!
Al-Bukhari who gathered Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" ‘s quotes was from non Arab origin.
Tarek Ibn Ziad was from a non Arab origin from the Berber tribes in Algeria !!??
If we have reached this level then please do not speak about One thousand and one nights , because the Arabian nights are full of tales from India and Persia . I believe Amr hates Scheherazade as she is a legendary Persian Queen !!
Also Kalila and Demna is an originally Indian text ,shall we consider it an alien on our Arabic culture and civilization in the same way !!!??
This is so pathetic and sad. I won’t comment on Amr because he is a hopeless case, already I know very well that he will come cursing me with his sailor mouth ,believe me he does this on a monthly basis so it is not a new thing. But I will comment on Al Ahram ,it is so sorrowful to reach this level of ignorance because of political hate.
The newspaper and the editor has forgotten or may be ignored that the Greatness of Islamic Civilization and the reason for its continual for many centuries ruling half of the old world in the middle age was that it did not differentiate between an Arab and Non-Arab just like our religion and our Prophet “PBUH” had said !!! In Middle age centuries scientists ,artists and poets were not classified according the nationalities because then there were no borders and countries as we know it !!
How dare Al Ahram speak about fighting racism if it can’t stand the Persian race nor the Shiites !!??
Al Ahram Newspaper should apologize for spreading hatred towards other races.
I wonder if the editor of this page has checked from Egypt related pages in Wikipedia especially those regarding our wars with Israel to see how the facts are really twisted because there are not enough Egyptians to correct that information with enough valid sources.
I wonder what Wikipedia foundation would think about this stupid accusation published in Egypt no.1 newspaper !!??


  1. الصورة مش بتكبر

  2. sorry I will fix this right away :)

  3. Indeed many topics in Wikipedia is twisted , but they are about the Arabs and Muslims , and not Persian-Arabic topics . Why no one mentions the fact that Zionism is racism in Wikipedia ?

    Is Iran (Persia) is the enemy of Arabs or Israel ?

  4. As a Persian myself I was inspired by your article. These both great cultures effected each other throughout history and right now we need messages of peace and hope not racism or who was Persian or Arab. The important thing is we are all children of god living together in this planet. I do hope those words of hate would end.


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