Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mohamed Mubarak JR in Photos

Youm  reminded me how good the facebook can be in research, I was looking and still looking for photos Mohamed JR , his parents photos are everywhere while the only photos available for the media are his photos when he was toddler , already I posted them here.

Since the news spread , About 20 facebook groups were formed in his memorial in no time and thank Goodness his friends came and share with the rest of the world some photos of Mohamed.

Now here couple of photos I found in these groups while browsing :





These are couple of photos that were available for the media in the last couple 48 hours :




The photo on the right was4621_82869049499_687339499_1633335_1819536_n on the cover of the of Mubarak’s official biography published by the state . Mubarak was loved him so much according to all accounts. BY the way here is Ibrahim Eissa’s wonderful words about Mohamed Mubarak.

Mohamed was in the 6th grade at the Cairo American College “CAC”, my little cousin is in his same age in the 6th grade and just like he adored football , he was just a kid for God sake ,if you want to attack his grand parents or parents it is fine but do not attack him !! It was not his fault that he was born as the grandson of the President of Egypt , the biggest and most important country in the Arab and thus he would be unofficial royalty, it was not his fault that he was rich and want to expensive schools and enjoyed a life most of the children in the Arab world not only Egypt do not even dream about it. It was not his fault that his uncle will die to become a President after his grandfather , already now I believe his uncle knows how death can be surprising and bitter !! It was not his fault , it was not his fault.

Mohamed was chosen by God and now he is in heaven and I think it is God’s wisdom for some reason that made most of the Egyptian people sad for real for his death in this way . I feel sad where as I always attack his grandparents and God knows when I wrote the post about his illness I had no idea that he was dying , I swear that I thought that there is something wrong about his grandfather and they are trying to hide it from the people of Egypt.

I swear Mohamed for me is just like the Shaha boy, the children in the shanty town , every kid that dies from the H5N1 in Egypt, every kid that dies from cancer in Egypt and every kid that dies in Gaza because of the siege.

By the way CAC  Superintendent of the school Monica N. Greeley issued a statement about the death of her student.

Dear CAC Community,

It is with deep sadness that I share the tragic news that Mohamed Mubarak, a sixth grade student who has been a valued member of our community for four years, has died unexpectedly. We want to reassure you that our CAC counselors, faculty, and administrators are supporting your children as our CAC family absorbs this shocking news. We would be grateful if you would contact one of us if you would like us to reach out to your child/ren directly.

It is difficult to imagine anything more devastating than the loss of a child; I know all of our hearts go out to Mohamed's family during this terribly difficult time. May they find peace in the lasting memories of this lovely young man.

I will end my post with a message in some facebook dedicated to him :

I am now in heaven with the Children of Gaza.

If you want to attack his grandparents and parents attack them but not include him.


  1. Masyallah what a handsome looking young boy! May he R.I.P.

  2. by the way some of the pictures posted are Omars pictures not mohammed... just please let us mourn in peace over their loss!!

  3. Which ones are for Omar ?? I am sorry but all those photos I found online were said to for late Mohamed, already we do not know how Omar looks like there were no official photos issued unlike his late elder brothr


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