Wednesday, May 27, 2009

To The Emirati People : Are Not You Sad For This Scene ??

I just have couple of questions to the Emirati People whom I respect :
Are Not You sad for having all those foreign western military bases in your country ?? on your land ??
Are Not You angry for the fact that foreign western armies are the one that protect your country not for the sake of you or for your country but because of oil and Israel ??
It puzzles me really to find all those foreign military bases in UAE where as the UAE is the third biggest importer of US Weapons !! What do they do with all these weapons if they have all those bases to protect them, at least all these weapons will increase global warming !!
When will the Emirati people protect their own land by themselves ?? When will the Emirati men feel as men they should be the ones who protect their own country , their wealth, their own women and Children in these bases  ??
When will the Emirati people ,in fact all the Gulf people wake up from their Arabian nights to understand that they are living under an ugly occupation ??
I want answers please.
By the way the Louvre ,the real Louvre will always be in Paris , this is not a Christie auction show room I am afraid , Sarkozy is selling hot air and the Arabs are just paying !!
P.S This post is from someone who really care about the Arab nation


  1. I could not agree with you more! Grow some spine people!!!

  2. I can't answer for the foreign military bases. We know that since the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990 there has been increased military cooperation between the Gulf States and the US, also the US forces in Qatar, the UAE and Kuwait act as a form of deterrence against Iran. But I don't understand why France is setting up a base in the UAE. I know about the French base in Djibouti but why the UAE?

    In regards to the question of the huge weapons deals with the US and the UK, these weapons serve as a strategic reserve. Someone once asked the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia when he bought 80 F-16 fighters: "Why does your country buy so much weapons when you have a defence agreement with the US?" He answered by saying that the majority of those weapons are for future regional wars.

    Back in 1973 when we were fighting Israel, our war plan was limited by the fact that we didn't have enough ammunition and spare parts supplies. So after that war the Joint Arab Defence Committee in the Arab League decided that there has to be a strategic reserve of weapons, ammunition and spare parts. That's why the Gulf states are buying so much now.

    Finally the weapons systems are another form of defence for the US and Israel against Iran. For example there is an agreement with the UAE to install the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defence) missile system designed to intercept Iranian missiles before they reach Israel or Europe. It's like an advanced Patriot network.

    It's all a big game and everyone is gaining something from it.

  3. Emirati people are smart and know well they can't defend themselves against Iran.

  4. this is a uncool...


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