Egyptian Chronicles: What if Hezbollah wins the elecitons

Saturday, May 2, 2009

What if Hezbollah wins the elecitons

It is widely expected by some analysts that Hezbollah may win the Lebanese elections in a big victory , may I ask how the Egyptian regime is going to deal with this ??
Shall it treat with Hezbollah and its allies in Lebanon in the same way it treats Hamas ??
Lebanon is not Gaza and Hezbollah and its allies are not Hamas for sure. I hope there would be a back up plan because we are putting our bets on the wrong horses I am afraid. Our regime attempts to help its allies in Lebanon are doing its charm. The Lebanese voter does not care that much about the so-called Hezbollah cell ,after all let's agree on something the Egyptian regime is not the most popular not creditable regime in the Arab world. What considers its support to Israel is affecting its image negatively in the Arab world and led many people in this region believe that its decisions were taken for the sake of Israel security not for Egypt's sake.
Whether our regime likes it or not Washington is getting closer to Damascus in very fast steps.
Washington is no longer supporting the 14th of March and its supporters that much regardless of the official visits and smiles in front of the camera. The international tribunal order to release the 4 generals accussed in late Al-Hariri assissnation is the best example of how Washington is getting closer to Damscus.
The Neocons are no longer in power ,this something our regime must understand very well.
By the way I recommend to read this essay from Asia Times by Sami Moubyad ,taking in consideration that he is the chief in editor of Syrian Forward magazine. It is not a strange thing for Mr.Walid Bak Jumblatt, that is a typical thing expected from him.
Back to our question ; what shall we do ?? It will be hard for the Egyptian Ambassador to praise Hassan Nasrallah in Beirut again in the media if the party wins in a big victory in this election or shall we send our cheating experts to change the elections' results !!
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  1. interesting! we shall wait and see...

  2. this is what we can do Aliaa :)

  3. Grow up! Hezbollah, Hamas. These are self-serving cult-type organizations that don't care anything for the people they claim to represent.

    The definitely don't represent the true essence of Islamic governing principles.

    For an Egyptian you sound like a person that is a follower of extreme type organizations. Are you a member of the Muslim Brotherhood perhaps? Because you certainly sound very fond of these cult-type organizations.


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