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Friday, May 29, 2009

Zaven’s Scoop

And I thought that we covered everything in the Hisham Talaat Mustafa in our Egyptian media but I was wrong because last Monday Zaven Kouyoumdjian surprised us all.

I was always interested in knowing how the Lebanese media covered the case as Suzanne was a Lebanese celeb and here stories were hot dish for Lebanese tabloids. Last year most of the Lebanese media depended on the Egyptian coverage as far as I could tell there was nothing new. But Zaven broke the rule when he aired live in his show in Beirut the records of Suzanne calls with Hisham  and his aide Abdel Khalak aka Dodo which were included in the the Tamims testimonies in the trial.

Reading them is something and hearing them is another thing , I do not know if the records themselves were heard in the court or they were sent as transcripts.

Here is the full episode.It is highly especially the beginning.

Must See ,  Must hear

I do not think that the fight was over love or obsession more it is about another thing which is money. Hisham was clearly threatening her, it is enough to hear his voice.

Suzanne knew how to fight in Egyptian accent perfectly I notice.

Was Tamim referring to Prince Al-Walid in her call with Dodo ??

Zaven discussed the case with the Tamims’ Lebanese lawyer and psychological expert , I think he is the first one to discuss the psychological condition of Hisham , I do not know why he forgot Mohsen.

He then hosted  from Cairo a lawyer from Hisham’s defense team, of img000t course when you see and hear that lawyer you won’t be surprised to know that Hisham is on the verge of execution. He hosted Samir El-Sheshtawy , our old enemy of press freedom and fame seeker NDPian. El-Sheshtawy is just like Nabieh El-Wahash, he was one who sued Ibrahim Eissa and wants to sue Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah in front of the the ICC. I must hint out that during the trial of Ibrahim Eissa ,the El-Sheshtawy family declared that he is not a member from that family and they were very angry from the people who thought that he was a member from the family , I can understand their anger. Seriously I do not know how El-Dib worked with him.

El-Shehtawy ‘s book was among the reason behind the publican ban in the trial !!

If I were from the Mustafas I would change my defense team starting from him. This man was total embarrassment.

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  1. أول مرة أسمع عن البرنامج ده! هو أشهر من القاهرة اليوم و عمرو أزيط‎?‎ قصدي أديب و لا ايه :D ‎

  2. Gr8 gr8 gr8.. u amazing me time after time..i keep to follow u

  3. N. Americal Princess5/30/2009 01:49:00 AM

    Ok so I already knew from my police relatives that the murder was committed over money. What I need clarified is, was she in fact his lover? Also, she sounds like she is a woman that is being stalked by a man she had no desire to be with.

    She seems to have gotten mixed up with the wrong men throughout her life. Thanks for putting this link.

    Also, she obviously knew she was in big trouble if she was recording conversations with these men.

    I would have preferred the man who owned the ferry that killed thousands of Egyptians, get the death penalty instead of the millionaire who killed 1 woman. The government certainly picks and chooses who it convicts. Bogus legal system.

  4. Sah u r great! Could you post the rest of the video where he interviewed the Egyptian lawyer for Hisham, would be grateful for it. Thank you.

  5. @Mido , Zaven's show is famous in Lebanon , it is an old one
    I will not compare it with Amr Adeeb as Zaven has a complete different style than Adeeb

    @thank you so much Sara, it is my pleasure

    @N.American Princess,I believe too that it was not a crime of passion , it is a crime for money , I believe Suzanne mingled with a circle of men more powerful than she would ever imagine
    as you said she knew she was in a big trouble and this is why she recorded these calls and kept running away from one to country to another
    Wait for Ismail's end , I predict it will be on the hands of some Upper Egyptian

    @anonymous,this is what I could find in Zaven's website :(, already Hisham's lawyer was terrible more than you can imagine


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