Tuesday, June 2, 2009

48 Hours

After 48 hours or even less President Barack Obama’s historical visit to Egypt , it is historical by all measure considering the fact that he will be the first American President to address the Islamic World directly from Cairo. There
  • The visit will be from 10  AM to 6 PM
  • The speech will be 50 minutes “this is pretty long”
  • There will an international press center in Cairo University.
  • Obama will visit : El-Kobah Palace, Al-Azhar Mosque , Sultan Hassan Mosque, Pyramids and Cairo University , I do not know if this is the real program because it can change in any time.
  • There were helicopters all over Cairo yesterday , I saw one over Agouza in Giza  ,many friends saw it all over Cairo.
  • Ain Shams and Helwan Universities are going to take the day off , from point of view the students may not be able to go to their universities for exams and from another point of view mainly
  • Of course Cairo and Giza are being beatified for the distinguish guest, this is something I can understand , it is always done when some VIP visits the area. In case of Obama ,well things are
  • I know that there are 5 bloggers at least are going to attend the speech including some of my friends.
  • Ayman Nour and some MBs members are going to attend the speech, in fact the head of the MB members in the Parliament was invited by Fathi Sorror himself to attend speech.
  • Adel Emam and Hamda Halal are going to attend to the speech !!!!!!!!!!
  • Kafya is calling for a protest in Al-Tahrir square objecting the visit of Obama !! Yes some groups mainly from the socialists and leftists plus the Arab nationalists do not welcome the visit.
  • There are orders given by the interior ministry to shops and businesses in Downtown area to close on Thursday and do not open up till 3 PM !! in other words it could be a day off.
  • Of course there are thousands of CIA agents currently in Cairo and Giza.
  • There is a crisis in CU because of the Israeli Ambassador’s invitation , the CU professors refuse to let the ambassador to enter the campus.
I took some shots for Cairo University  yesterday in a hurry , there were cars loaded with asphalt to make the road look elegant !! There are not good shots , I will upload them later.
I wish that I can attend the speech in personal to be honest. The Egyptian people for real are so interested to hear
Update : 
  • Mubarak will meet Obama at Koubbah Palace only , he won't attend the speech in Cairo University according to Al-Muslamany's TV show on Dream TV 2 !!!! 
  • I think his absence from the speech will raise many question marks about his condition after the death of his grandchild.
  • The people living in Khalifa Al-Mamoun were ordered to close their shops and businesses on Thursday , find another place to park their cars and Not To Look Through the balconies or windows !!! Al-Khalifa street is big, there are malls , companies, it is very active street !! 


  1. adel imam and hamada hilal will attend? hahaha why?
    i wish i can attend too

  2. this all will lead to nothing, soon Obama will realize the reps and bush were right.


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