Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We Won’t Kill Him For God Sake !!

The people living in Khalifa Al-Mamoun were ordered to close their shops and businesses on Thursday ,to  find another place to park their cars and Not To Look Through the balconies or windows !!!

Al-Khalifa street is big, there are malls , companies, it is very active street !!  Here is its location on the map

View Al-Khalifa Al-Ma'amoon St in a larger map

Now it makes sense why Ain Shams decided to give its students a day off on Thursday.

Al-Khalifa street is on the way of Kobbah palace.

With my all respect I do not understand why the people will not be allowed to see him passing by !! For God sake most of them are the Muslims he is trying to reach to !! Does this an international security standard concerning the American president !!??

I know that this is what happens when Mubarak passes by but this may give the impression that the Egyptians are not welcoming him. In understand the shops and businesses I swear to God I saw it happening whenever Mubarak or his wife passes by anything but I do not understand the windows and balconies thing !!  Our women and Children won’t throw his legendary convoy with slippers or stones , in fact knowing how kind my people are I know that these women and children in the windows and balconies may throw rice as a welcoming gesture !! Of course the CIA paranoid agents will think that it is some sort of biological weapon !! This is madness.

It seems that a whole capital will be shut down for him because technically he will be visit Cairo and Giza from East to West !!! 


Presidents Nixon and Sadat in the famous trip to Alexandria by train in 1974 , this train was originally the Royal train.


  1. Why are you forgetting that when Sadat was alive Egypt had never heard of terrorism. Even when someone tried to kill Abdel Nasser in Manshiyya, it was just one man with a pistol, not what we saw when Sadat was killed or when Mubarak was attacked. These days it is not one crazy guy with a gun, it's entire organizations.

    Just today Al Zawahri condemned Obama's visit in a recorded message. Who knows what sleeper cells he might have awakened with that message. Obama might be a saint (I am not passing judgement, I'm just providing a point for argument) but his only fault is that he is the president of the United States. That alone is enough reason for any maniac out there to want to kill him.

    Ba3dain do you know that until today, there are still some idiots who call themselves politicians and who label Egypt and Saudi as terrorist states just because the alleged 911 hijackers came from those countries? Imagine what would happen to our reputation if Obama so much as got a mild case of food poisoning.

    Unfortunately the world today is not the world of 35 years ago, and I'm sure that if the security organization in Cairo had the means to fake the Cairo university speech and build a studio model of the university hall near the airport, they would have done it a long time ago.

    El7amdulela at least they cleaned the streets and made the place look a bit better.

  2. lol @ the food poisoning comment. my stomach hated my trip to egypt. hopefully it will adjust better when i move.

    great picture, though. love the blog!


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