Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Obama Will Visit These Places in Cairo and Giza

Obama’s 16 hours for sure will be so busy . I do not think and I am half his age that I would be able to visit all those places, to address a whole nation worldwide then to have a Press conference and may be mutual negotiations with a President of another country in just 16 hours !!!

Obama technically will visit Cairo from the very East to the very West.

Of course He will visit the Giza Pyramids Plateau which does not need more explanation.

You do not need more information about Cairo University, my university :)  Cairo University is in Giza Governorate ; West of Cairo,here its location on Google maps.


Obama will visit the historical Mosque of Sultan Hassan , he is really a lucky man , I wish that I visit that magnificent Mosque in Cairo, it is considered one of the most oldest and beautiful Mosques in Egypt . It is in the East of Cairo . You can imagine the distance between the two places !! Here is its location on the map


Obama will stay in the Kobbah or Koubbeh Palace where he will meet Mubarak and have a press conference there. The Koubbeh Palace was and is still the most important and beautiful Palace after Abdeen Palace. It is was a Royal Palace then it became a Presidential Palace. It is our main guesthouse or rather guest palace. Legend says that it is the only Palace outside Libya Qaddafi adores to stay inside its wall. The pictures from inside the Palace are not too many online , people usually mix between it and the magnificent Abdeen Palace. I know the difference very well between them for God Sake ,even the names of the chambers !!!

Here are some few shots, unfortunately they are for the palace from outside. This is the palace where Farouk and Farida wedded in legendary wedding.Here its location. By the way the American flag is currently on it from now !!



I am amazed in the choice of Koubbeh to be honest because when Vladimir Putin came to Egypt Mubarak hosted him in the Abdeen Palace in a very rare occurrence !!


You have the maps , can imagine how it will be in Cairo and Giza if he does not use a chopper !!??

Newspapers already say to the people stay at home for God Sake !!


  1. Why didn't you visit the Mosque of Sultan Hassan? U r in Cairo isnt it? I have been two both Palaces and it is very beautiful. Everything is well kept and the garden is well maintaned and of course so many guards guarding the two Palaces. Either one of these Palaces would make a good choice for Obama.

  2. Ba2olik eh ya Zeino... do you know what I'd really like to see? And I'm sure a lot of people would like to see it as well, especially those living outside of Egypt or Cairo. We would like to see what the places Obama is visiting look like now after the cleanup.

    Teb2i gada3a begad if you can go out on Friday morning after he leaves and when the streets are still empty and take a few pics of the areas he visited... just a thought :)


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